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    • grantwebster

      you thieving bastards you have turned my blood cold and bitter and beat my compassion black and BLUE! I hope you’re choking, I hope you choke on this. Blood sucking parasitic little tick, take what you wanted and GO! I hope this is what you had in mind, Is this what you wanted? cause this is what you’re getting. suck me dry, and I hope you choke. Need more be said about the Australian ‘liberal’ party? Sucking dry every Australian (except themselves), exploiting every resource and with no regard for anything that gets in their way of ‘progress’ eg CONSERVING WORLD HERITAGE AREAS. I sent this same song to ofail about a week before he resigned lolz . HOW THE FUCK DOES A “CONSERVATIVE” GOVERNMENT claim to be ‘conservative’ when nothing is conserved. Conservatisim is locking things up to be protected (I am A CONSERVATION biologist), what are the libs really trying to conserve?? Our country and its beauty or international relations to further exploit ‘Straya til there’s nothing left.

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