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Grant Sloss Is The BuzzFeed Editorial Fellow You've Been Waiting For

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He doesn't just consume pop culture - he makes it

He started his career in features in development at Hollywood institution and Defamer punching bag Paramount Pictures on films like DREAMGIRLS, THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES and STAR TREK.


Then he moved to TV. Like, all of TV. He's logged waaaay too many hours in writers rooms on FAIRLY LEGAL, THE PLAYBOY CLUB, THE SECRET CIRCLE, THE NEW NORMAL and KIRSTIE. And some that never even saw the light of day!

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In conjunction with SheKnows TV, "Romancing the Joan" was featured in 92 posts across a variety of platforms, resulting in a total reach of 26 million-plus and over 14,000 interactions. It was featured in more than 200 publications, resulting in over 75 million total impressions, including coverage by The Today Show, MSN and The New York Times.

In case you were wondering.

But he also loves a good indie.

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Sometimes he even "acts" in web series, too!

He's well-rounded!

He's an obsessive political junkie, as evidenced by this photo of him with Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama (waaaaaaay in the background onstage, but they're basically best friends). Wonkette is his bible and Rachel Maddow is his messiah.

He's a community-minded giver.

He's been a volunteer at the Trevor Project for over 7 years, and for the past 3 he's led Trevor NextGen, the organization's initiative to spread awareness to and engage LA's young professional community, introducing the Trevor Project to its next generation of volunteers and donors. Even his Trevor-orange tie is on-message!

He could subsist entirely on nostalgia if he had to.

(And spandex.) Ask him anything about Gilmore Girls, Ally McBeal, Saved by the Bell, Seinfeld, Friends, Election, Out of Sight, Showgirls, The Philadelphia Story or His Girl Friday. Just make sure you've got a chair and a snack handy because you're gonna be there awhile. Especially if you bring up Showgirls.

But he'll just as quickly devour up-to-the-minute spoilers.

(Apologies to the Halloween party guests who'd missed Kyle weaponizing an old trophy on AHS: COVEN that week. But really, people, it's 2014. You get 48 hours and then all bets are off.)

Ask him anything about Veep, Girls, Looking, The Mindy Project, Brooklyn 99, Enlisted, Homeland, Downton Abbey, Trophy Wife, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report or Inside Amy Schumer. Same seat/snack caveat. Especially if you bring up Girls.

He'll take your company to new heights

Alternate headlines:

- He's always reaching for bigger and better.

- He'll always catch you when you fall.

- No matter how high he flies, he's never above a really dumb pun.

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