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    Boyfriend Abroad - 365 Days Apart

    I met my boyfriend Roger in April 2014 and after only 3 months of dating we decided to give long distance a go. He was moving to Micronesia for a year to teach kids. Long distance and not seeing him for a year has been absolute hell. We can FaceTime and Skype but it's not the same. Rather than wallow in self pity, I've kept busy and part of my busy schedule has been completing tasks from the gift Roger left me before he set off on his adventure. He left me a diary full of encouraging and supportive quotes and messages. The diary is also littered with challenges that I've completed over the last few months and I thought I would share some of them with you. I've documented most of them on my Instagram (comfortablydum). I hope you enjoy as much as I've enjoyed doing them. They range from making bath bombs and birthday cakes, to visiting a city I've never been to, designing a tshirt and teaching myself to knit. Now with only 44 days to go until he's home, I've to compile it all and present it to him when he's back and thought Buzzfeed would be an amazing way to do this

    Me and Roger before he went away (June 2014)

    The diary

    Me learning to knit with the help of my little cousin Holly

    The finish scarf I made for my friend, Sarah's, trip to Canada

    I took a trip to a city I'd never been to before, I flew from Glasgow to London in November, on my own, but met a friend Claire for dinner and a show (the Book of Mormon - hilarious stuff!) loved London and now want to go back with Roger when he returns

    I do not cook let alone bake so this challenge to bake a cake for my friends birthday scared me to my very core!! But i did it and it was delicious, just never again!!

    Myself and Holly also made bath bombs which was amazing! It was so cool to watch them explode, even though I don't have a bath it was fun giving them out as Christmas presents!

    I was challenged to make a paper mâché Roger head to have date nites with. I can't say iv ever cooked a dinner or had a drink with the head but I do sometimes sing to him and if I'm talking to myself when watching a movie I like to pretend I'm not alone! Haha

    Today was my final challenge, design a tshirt, I'm really happy with the final result! Not sure I'll ever wear it outside but I'm happy with it! Now the countdown is on til he's back and we can do fun stuff like this together and make some memories!

    Thanks for listening :) spread the message of love

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