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    30 Things From Wayfair That'll Make Your Bathroom Look Like An “After” Shot On HGTV

    Get ready to set the stage.

    1. A freestanding shower shelf because picture this: you're taking a hot shower, the music is playing, you're soaking in the suds, and then — the horror, you forgot to replace that empty shampoo bottle, making you have to get out and embrace the cold outdoors. Fortunately, this is only a mental exercise because you now have three wide shelves to hold all your amenities within arm's reach.

    a silver freestanding shower shelf next to a white rug and glass shower door

    2. A set of glass bathroom storage containers to save precious space, get rid of unsightly boxes, and just have some lovely glass containers for extra flair. There's not much to it: place the jars down and let em' hold bathroom accessories like cottonballs and Q-Tips.

    3. A double vanity because it's 2023, and you only have time to share the sink with yourself before work. Yes, it could be considered a "major" renovation, but it's a small price when we're talking rich brown finishes, double sinks, and ample space.

    4. A tiled shower wall that'll help you go far past the sterile white tile that is always found in any bathroom. The black tile mosaic design adds some automatic pop during your daily soaks.

    a black and white shower wall with flowery design

    5. A tissue holder because your bathroom deserves anything but your run-of-the-mill cardboard box with the little white clouds all over it. A fancy bathroom is all about the eye for detail, and tissues served fresh out of a rich, wooden holder is just a step above the rest.

    6. A glass panel shower door that'll help you enjoy the fruits of your labor a la some fancy looking iron and glass. Ditch those old opaque glass doors and opt for the extraordinary fit for royalty.

    7. A bidet seat because it's time you propel your toilet past US borders and straight into the Palace of Versailles — they probably didn't have bidets in the 17th century, but you get what I'm saying. A bidet is superior to the regular toilet in so many ways that I need not get into detail.

    a white bidet seat

    8. A shower head because all the golden chandeliers and marble bidets will not do you any good without powerful water pressure. Sure, the brushed gold on this shower system is superb, but we're also talking about both a stationary and portable head.

    9. A towel warmer so you can enter the upper echelons of bathroom living — especially when Succession is right around the corner. Do you think Logan Roy uses room-temperature towels? No, and you shouldn't either when you can enjoy piping out towels hanging from a lovely matte finish.

    10. A toothbrush holder because there are many reasons not to put your toothbrush on the bathroom counter — but let's start with the simple fact that your countertop does not have a minimal white and gray design. Plus, there are different slots to give for toothbrushes and toothbrush accessories there own space.

    a white and gray toothbrush holder holding four toothbrushes and toothpaste

    11. A six-piece set of hand towels to help you keep your hands, well, dry but also add some subtle comfort feelings to your bathroom. No need to use your shower towel when you can dry your digits with plush pillowy hand towels.

    six pink soft hand towels folded in a pile

    12. An LED mirror because everyone deserves to have their bathroom turned into a Broadway makeup room. This mirror is massive with bright shining lights and anti-fog. I mean, that's good enough for me, but when you also have a human body sensor that can switch the lights on its own, well, now you're just bragging.

    13. A wastebasket because while it may not be the center shot for a series on HGTV, neither will a heap of empty bottles and tissues on the floor. But that doesn't mean you need to get about a bin altogether — it just means you can now replace the white plastic with an upgraded metal finish.

    14. A medicine cabinet to help guide you and turn your bathroom around with a gorgeous mirror and lovely aluminum frames for an ultimate 2-for-1 experience. Medicine cabinets convey an image of a cheap mirror that opens to shotty shelves, but this piece changes the game with little effort.

    a bathroom vanity above a porcelain sink and against powered blue walls

    15. An over-the-toilet panel that'll help turn your bathroom around in two key ways. First, it'll shock your guests with some rustic charm via rich white panel, and second, it'll coyly give you secret storage with various included shelves and cabinets.

    16. A set of new floor and tile to help you get rid of that ghastly murky white tile and truly give your bathroom some attitude. Sometimes you need to start from the ground up, and beginning with dark, gray stone-like tile is an excellent step.

    17. A new toilet paper holder because the old pogo stick holder has got to go and be replaced with one fit for royalty. That's right, they gold-ifed toilet paper holders now and added a sleek, minimal design; a perfect first step for new bathroom beginnings.

    18. A freestanding bath caddy so you can soak in the bubbles with every amenity right by your side, making for the best hour (or hours long) bath possible. Nothing in the conceivable universe should make you get out of the tub against your will, and the nice caddy will keep everything nearby and even has enough room for a lovely mug of cocoa.

    19. A shower curtain rod to help combat one of the worst feelings in the bathroom world: the shower rod falling from grace and crashing against the tub in a crescendo. Even the shower rod gets the regal treatment with a chrome finish and a bulit-in towel holder.

    20. A cosmetic organizer so you can wow your guests with your 20-20 vision for storage and design. Makeup is a petri dish for disorganization, so an unassuming organizer will work wonders.

    21. A bamboo laundry hamper because, sure, you may get a compliment on a hamper with lovely bamboo, but you know what will not get compliments? Dirty laundry on the floor! Let's ditch that and put the clothes in a lovely hamper that can hold clothes with aplomb.

    22. A nonslip shower mat so you can avoid the light that flashes before your eyes when you almost slip in the shower. A shower mat will keep your tub clean and prevent fear — the best combo of all.

    23. Or! A set of shower mats because A) the floor is so slippery and scary (see above) and B) why get the floor wet when you can keep them dry? Your socks will thank you. These mats come in 11 colors that'll match any bathroom.

    24. A bath pillow so you do not have to rest your noggin on rock hard porcelain when enjoying your tub. Talk about a win. Enjoy the best comfort of a soak with a comfy pillow built for one.

    a person resting on a white bath pillow in a white tub

    25. A bathroom faucet because the '80s called, and they want their plastic "crystal" knobs back along with their Walkman. Let's jump to timeless fixtures such as this lovely golden faucet with a gooseneck spout and cross handles.

    26. A shower panel that'll turn the weak stream of water into Niagara Falls (don't forget your poncho). Prepared to get drenched because this stainless-steel machine offers four fixed showerheads in one device.

    27. A linen cabinet that'll help you keep all your plush towels and washcloths in one space — and with a bamboo finish to boot. Secretly keep everything tidy, but keep your style game strong.

    28. A circular sink to give your bathroom some much needed dimension to the usually unadventurous porcelain sink. Bathrooms are so much more than showers and sinks, and you can amplify everything to look ever so nice.

    29. A brushed gold soap dispenser that'll help you continue your quest to stylize everything possible for the bathroom of your dreams. Ditch the plastic, sticky bottles and go with a minimal dispenser that'll keep your fingers clean.

    30. A bathroom accessory tray to help keep all the little things that add big style points to your bathroom in a tidy little section. From a little candle, to a small plant, or essential oils, the tray will serve its purpose in more ways than one.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.