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    Just 30 Very Nice Things From Walmart For Your Kitchen

    Restaurant-worthy vibes straight out of your kitchen.

    1. A 7-in-1 rice cooker to help you turn your rice from hard as a rock burnt to as fluffy as a cloud. The major bonus point of this device is that you have seven different options ranging from a pressure cooker to, well, a rice cooker — meaning no need to buy one-dimensional cooking essentials.

    a steel and black 7-in-1 Instant Pot

    2. A silicone baking sheet which will help ensure that you never have to worry about burning cookies in a less-than-reliable oven. Silicone baking sheets are just a perfect insurance policy to let you have tasty, not acrid, food right out of the oven.

    a white silicone baking sheet with a rolling pin, eggs, and a measuring coup on it

    3. A kitchen floor mat so you can have comfy feet through the power of plush, thick foam while you chop your veggies. It's a simple piece that may go unannounced until, you know, you're resting easy.

    a barn red kitchen floor mat on a wooden floor in a kitchen

    4. A three-piece wood cutting board that'll first wow your guest with a lovely bamboo finish and, two, provide you with a dedicated board for various slicing and dicing. Talk about a win-win, but also enjoy a kitchen necessity done right.

    a three-piece wood cutting board holding cheeses and rustic a baguette

    5. A set of wineglasses because you're the life of the party, and nothing will kill the vibe quicker than drinking wine out of a mug that says "world's best boss." These glasses are perfect for pairing with a lovely charcuterie board or for watching some easy TV.

    a short wine glass

    6. A cast iron skillet AKA the best $25 you can spend on a kitchen item. Cast-iron skillets are excellent because they last forever, crisp up anything, and give your home a fantastic rustic charm.

    a black cast iron skillet

    7. A stand mixer because it's time you enter the upper echelon of home cooking with this sacred kitchen piece. Whether it's making complicated doughs or just simple meringues on your WFH lunch break, there is a reason a stand mixer is every home crafter's dream tool (and one that has been on my wishlist for some time).

    an Arctic blue stand mixer next to two ramequins of chocolate moose

    8. A magnetic wall bar that'll let you turn your home into the restaurant on The Menu with just nothing more than magnets. Aside from looking great, a magnetic strip gives organizational space and keeps your knives from dulling.

    a magnetic wall strip holding knives and scissors in a kitchen

    9. An espresso maker since you now have a fancy kitchen and wouldn't want to be seen drinking a regular cup of joe (*gasps*). However, this maker brews espresso and coffee in record time whenever you need a quick pick-me-up.

    a black and gray Nespresso maker brewing coffee in a glass mug

    10. A cooking apron so you can bring your inner-Bear out with every dish cooked and onion chopped. The best way to prevent stains is, you guessed it, an apron — and one with pockets and adjustable straps is just the icing on the cake (which you can do now without staining your clothes).

    model wearing black apron while cutting vegetables

    11. A food processor because few pieces of equipment will slice better than a knife ever will. And that's only the tip of the iceberg since food processors are perfect for pie crust or yummy sauces; the food processor knows no bounds.

    a black and steel food processor

    12. A modern-day toaster that'll help you witness toasted perfection, all while pushing a button or two with your digits. Forget that toaster you've had since college and instead opt for one that offers six different shades of toasting *and* an LED screen.

    a black toaster with a blue LED screen toasting a bagel

    13. A four-piece ceramic mug set because with this new fountain of teas, espresso, and coffees, your old mugs will need a big makeover. The mugs here offer simple yet comforting colors and patterns that will instantly warm up a room.

    the set of four blue mugs

    14. A 20-piece silverware set that'll help you engross your guests at your next get-together with your amazing eye for detail. Ditch the bent forks and go for lovely engravings on the knives, forks, and everyone's favorite utensil, you know and love, the spoon.

    two silver forks, one knife, and two spoons with a pierremont pattern

    15. A fancy electric kettle to let you enjoy tea at high noon or instant ramen right at midnight. Unlike boiling water on a stove top, you can adjust the temperature and select which kind of tea you want to brew.

    a sage green electric kettle on a wooden table next to a mug

    16. And bring a modern-meets-past aesthetic "retro" microwave because it's time to face the cold hard truth: those stains from when you heated up your curry will never come out. So you may as well take a step back to the past with a memorable fixture but with modern features.

    a blue retro microwave with metal handle

    17. A blender that'll provide you with a stockpile of lovely soups, smoothies, and sauces at your disposal, whether for the morning run or a relaxing day. This 800-watt giant offers different settings for speed — including a "chop" and "smoothie" setting.

    a black blender with a glass jar

    18. A large Dutch oven because we are knee-deep in stew and soup season, and nothing quite develops flavor better than a Dutch oven. This is the reason why the Dutch oven will be your new best kitchen tool.

    a turquoise dutch oven sitting on a table next to a head of garlic

    19. A three-piece set of nonstick pans so you can have perfectly scrambled eggs at a moment's notice. The non-stick material in our frying pans fade, sometimes quickly, over time, and needs to be replaced. So a three-piece set will ensure you have some nice uniform pans with different size options.

    a three-piece set of blue and black nonstick frying pans

    20. An ice ball tray because how are you going to serve your mocktails? Surely not with cubed ice. It's time to get fancy, and the always posh ice ball cubes are the easiest way to add a little refinement — and downright fun to gaze at — with no effort.

    a blue ice ball tray with two ice cubes in a ball form

    21. A Brita filter that'll give you the cleanest tasting water all by installing a simple mechanism to the faucet. As you know, the filter helps reduce chlorine and plastic, plus removes up to 99% of lead — meaning you now have a fresh cup of water right out of your "spring meadow."

    a white Brita filter attachment connect to a sink faucet

    22. A bottle of hand soap to help combat the icky smells and feelings when you are crushing garlic or slicing up chicken. As a Mrs. Meyer's devotee for life, there is no other soap I use for the kitchen — the smell and feel are worth the extra dollar or two.

    a blue and clear bottle of Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Rain Water Hand Soap near a kitchen sink

    23. A slow cooker that'll become the ultimate aid when it comes to quick, delicious weeknight meals. There's a reason why people say, "set it and forget it," and with this slow cooker's three different temp settings, you'll have scrumptious meals waiting for you after work while still getting in some prime-time TV.

    a black Crock-Pot slow cooker on a granite kitchen counter

    24. A spice rack so you can have a stylish little organization essential in the kitchen — and with spices from this century; I know they said it couldn't be done. The silver rack adds a little pop, the spin function adds efficiency, the spices add flavor, and the now-free pantry space adds room to your shelf.

    a silver spice rack holding spices like basil, crushed mint, Italian seasoning, and sea salt

    25. An air fryer + toaster oven because you have heard the PSAs enough already — the air fryer is the new essential for any kitchen. Ditch the dirty oil and grilling pyrotechnics when trying to fry when you can use the power of air to your cooking delight.

    a person cooking french fries in an air fryer/toaster oven

    26. A wireless immersion blender whenever there is a need to make delicious, hot soups, which I sure hope is 24/7. An immersion blender is the most efficient way to have creamy soup and other blended items without transferring them to a bulky blender.

    a wireless white emersion blender with a metal top on a kitchen counter next to vegetables and fruit

    27. A wine cooler because how would it be to have a newly decked-out kitchen but no cooled wine? I shiver at the thought. But seriously, if you're a wine aficionado, you know a cooler that keeps 34 bottles of wine adequately chilled is a simple must.

    a 34-bottle wine cooler holding bottles of wine with a glass door and LED light

    28. A spoon holder that'll help you finally achieve a wonderful-looking kitchen without the dreaded spots and stains from a leaky spoon. Sometimes it's the very tiny things that'll set your kitchen apart, and having a little rest for your spoon to avoid spills is all it will take.

    a black spoon holder standing on a countertop and holding a single spoon and lid for a pot

    29. A cooling rack because a simple fixture like this may be the real game-changer for all your hot meals. Food sometimes needs to rest, and a cooling rack provides circulation — meaning the chances of cookies burning or fried goodness getting soggy are greatly reduced.

    twelve chocolate-chip cookies resting on a black cooling rack

    30. And an indoor grill because you're not letting the negative temperatures or snow get in your way to grill for the big game. Now at your disposal is a portable grill that allows you to control the temperature while still having a burger with a smoky flavor that won't smoke up your kitchen.

    a silver and black indoor grill next to French fries, cheeseburgers, kebabs, and steaks

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