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    30 Things From Wayfair That'll Help Make Your Home Office Feel More Like, Well, An Office

    You should have something other than a folding table.

    1. A mobile lateral filing cabinet because those enormous '70s-style metal filing cabinets are a tad bit unnecessary. Instead, today's filing cabinets are movable, come in earthy wooden finishes, yet still give you a ton of room for filing.

    a mobile lateral filling cabinet

    2. A six-piece desk organizing set because before you can even think about significant renovations, you gotta start small — almost on a microscopic level. There is no fun stepping on a thumbtack, so I suggest some little bins like these to keep trash, mail, office supplies, and business cards nice and neat.

    the black desk organizer set with office supplies in it

    3. A wall mail organizer with key hooks because while you are the CEO of the office, you're also the mail person who has to ensure those essential invoices and documents are out on time. Once installed on the wall, you can never forget that quick trip to the post office.

    a reviewer photo of the white mail organizer

    4. A glass desk pad because efficiency can be as transparent as, well... glass. And since this pad is scratch-resistant, you should have no problem pounding those keys a little harder than usual to get that project done on time.

    the glass desk pad with notes written on it by a white erase marker

    5. A wall mounted calendar so you can jot down fresh ideas *and* your stacked schedule. It's perfect for taking notes and expressing things quickly (and without fear of forgetting).

    the clear wall-mounted calendar above desk

    6. A sleek monitor riser that'll keep your computer screen elevated, all the wires straight and orderly, and help relieve some stress from your neck. The glass surface and legs give you some style, all in the name of maximized efficiency.

    the metal monitor stand

    7. Or a monitor stand that'll give you so much room, it will have no problem holding a couple of monitors (which is often necessary these days). And with the rich wooden finish, your office will have those major ~executive vibes.~

    the oak monitor stand with a monitor and laptop on it

    8. An etagere bookcase so you can keep your paperwork, momentos, and fancy leather-bound books in an eye-catching display. With five wooden shelves, you should have no problem keeping the office tidy and welcoming.

    a reviewer photo of the shelf with knickknacks on it

    9. A paper organizer because even one paper on the floor could spell disaster — a massive disorganized disaster, that is. Let's avoid that by placing a lovely, wooden three-shelf organizer on your desk that can store everything from printer paper to notebooks.

    a gray paper organizer holding papers with a small plant on top

    10. An ergonomic task chair for your WFH area, because back pain doesn't care about how stressed you are or how much work you need to get done — instead, back pain thrives on it. Aside from the breezy mesh, there is built-in lumbar support, so your inbox will be the only thing you find painful.

    gray ergonomic task chair next to wood desk

    11. A wooden desk organizer because it's the tiny office supplies on the wide-open terrain of a desk that will make your office look cluttered. With this, you can keep pens, pencils, highlighters, scissors, and the always fun rubber band balls in their respective slots.

    12. An industrial stool that'll challenge you to engage your core to keep balance, which, in turn, aids in a strong/pain-free back! Unlike its big brother, the cumbersome office chair, you can store this chair in any closest when you're OOO.

    a reviewer photo of the red stool under a desk

    13. A set of two table lamps to create a well-lit office and not a dark cave where you have to squint the day away. These table lamps also come with USB ports, meaning you can keep your phone near you and fully charged.

    14. A retractable extension cord to turn your dream home office design into a reality — even if you're a couple of feet away from a power source. The four different outlets mean you can keep the computer, printer, and chargers all in one spot.

    a black and yellow retractable extension cord

    15. A wicker 3-gallon waste basket because paper and tissues scattered about are an obvious "do not pass go" when it comes to excellent home office life. A simple basket, and one made of luscious banana leaf, adds that je nais se quoi to your office decor.

    a wicker basket on a hard wood floor

    16. A hard floor chair mat that'll let you swivel and glide on your chair without scratching your beautiful wood floor (which is the worst). There's not much to it other than laying the slip down and enjoying the ride.

    a hard floor chair mat next to an office chair

    17. Or a set of felt pad glides for those who prefer a stationary chair so you no longer scuff the living *expletive* out of your floors. These simple pads are enough to keep your substrate nice and pristine.

    a black velt pad

    18. A collage picture frame because even if your loved ones may be in the next room, you can always take a quick break and enjoy their faces! The collage aesthetic adds a twist to the usual picture frame design and is perfect for hanging anywhere in your fab WFH space.

    a reviewer photo of the white collage frame hanging on a wall

    19. An air purifier so you can have a perfectly crisp office environment despite those stuffy Zoom meetings. Perfect for keeping the air clean, you won't believe how good your office will smell — even with Spot by your feet and the rugrats spilling food on those important documents.

    a black air purifier in a bedroom

    20. A foot and calf massager so your legs can get some great TLC while you sit the day away. Aside from getting up regularly, your feet and calves will feel so amazing, even while you're grinding.

    a black foot massager on a floor

    21. A drafting table that'll help those who have more of a hands-on kind of job feel comfortable and efficient. The adjustable table angle adds literal perspective to your work, and you also have three drawers that are perfect for supplies.

    22. A drawer storage cabinet so your paper, pens, pencils, tape, and notepads can wait for their call in a gorgeous and spacious farmhouse-style cabinet. WFH means your office is also the utility closet, so it may as well look its best with this rich wood and iron piece.

    a rustic storage cabinet in a living room/home office

    23. An adjustable laptop cart so you can stay on your feet and be ready to attack any work project with gusto. Plus, when you want a change of scenery, just wheel yourself into a new room!

    the black and metal cart with a laptop on it

    24. A memory-foam lumbar pillow so you can rest easy knowing your back is getting the support it deserves. We sit a lot more when we WFH, so back support is now a must.

    the black pillow on a cream office chair

    25. A corner desk because while we are the CEOs of our domiciles, we may not all have the penthouse suite. Corner desks are perfect for when you need to quickly create a home office and still be 100% organized, regardless of a lack of space.

    a reviewer photo of the white desk in a corner

    26. A stationery modular desk organizer so you can have everything in arm's reach and in a cute color scheme to boot. Each drawer has different dimensions, so everything from pencils to staplers will fit perfectly. Also, if your WFH desk happens to double as your vanity, it's great for holding makeup and beauty products, too!

    the blue, gray, white and pink organizer holding various beauty and office supplies

    27. A printer stand in a rich walnut color because even your ol' (mostly) reliable printer deserves to be elevated. Of course, you now have a couple of shelves so you can store excess printer paper and other home office what-have-yous (like snacks).

    a walnut printer stand in an office

    28. A chic area rug to help give a little ~life and flair~ to the standard blasé home office look. Between the rich turquoise and blue, and the Southwestern geometric design, your "office" will instantly become an "artist's den."

    a turquoise and blue southwestern rug on a hardwood floor

    29. A matching three-piece office set so you can save time shopping around for different pieces of furniture and finally catch up on that big Penske file. Included is an L-shape computer desk, box drawer, and bookcase so you can have everything, everywhere, all at once (still need to watch; no spoilers pls).

    the brown wood set in a home office

    30. A stylish nail-head wall-mounted bulletin board because did you get the memo? Oh, right...awkward. Once installed, you can keep all your important notes and documents always within your line of vision.

    a reviewer photo of the bulletin board mounted above a large desk

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