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    31 Things From Target You'll Love If Your Home Basically Has Zero Storage Space

    When you don't have space, you have to make space. Luckily, these are here to help.

    1. A three-shelf closet system that can easily hold shoes, towels, shirts, and whatever is in your closet that needs some consolidating. The largest part of the closest system is 13”, which is perfect for some orderly stacking.

    The white closet organizer.

    2. A hanging shoe storage organizer, because there is nothing worse than not having space for your shoes. It has 10 different shelves to use, so you will never get unsightly dirt or stains on your floor, carpet, or closet ever again.

    Image of hanging vertical shoe organizer in closest.

    3. A revolving spice rack so you no longer have to sort through your million spices. You can finally get rid of that ground nutmeg you’ve had since #YOLO was in fashion because this spice rack includes 20 different spices.

    A spice rack with spices included with purchase.

    4. A box organizer to prevent aluminum foil and plastic wrap from jamming your kitchen drawer. It has three levels, and a super easy setup, so you can adjust each tier to hold the biggest boxes of foil or those cumbersome rectangular boxes of pastas.

    A three-tiered box organizer holding pasta boxes and spray cheese.

    5. A collapsible hamper with a cover for keeping your dirty laundry in one space without being an eyesore. With its collapsable feature, you can just tuck it away after you cross off laundry day from the to-do list.

    A gray laundry hamper with a gray towel hanging over the lid.

    6. A utensil caddy so you no longer have to devote an entire drawer strictly for utensils. The caddy has a simple enamel coating and is meant for you to store whisks, spatulas, forks, spoons, sporks, and any utensil hybrids out there.

    A utensil caddy holden two whisks and wooden spatulas and spoons.

    7. A custom DIY closet organizer which will give your cramped closest some breathing room. This organizer provides 14” feet of shelving space and 12” feet of hanging space; you will have no problems storing your clothes while also having an organizer that looks like it came with the house.

    A closest organizer hanging shirts, pants, baskets, and a purse.

    8. A children's farmhouse toy box so you can finally see your child's floor again! The wooden toy box is built with lid support, so it will never slam shut, preventing possible injuries and loud noises.

    A children's wooden toy box.

    9. A decorative storage bin to hold anything. The decorative weave pattern has six color options and will turn your storage basket into something homey while strong enough to hold heavy items.

    A gray woven storage bin.

    10. A pop accent cabinet with a striking modern design that you would never guess was perfect for storing your living room clutter. The geometric door design will give you the benefit of form meets function.

    A slate gray accent cabinet.

    11. An accordion hood rail with a formidable amount of hooks—ten of them! Plus, with a wooden design, it would add some rustic flair to your wall while holding anything from the lightweight keys and masks to the hefty purses and wet towels.

    An accordion hood rail.

    12. A vanity shelf to keep your bathroom essentials tucked in a neat little corner. Whether it’s the earthy bronze or the clear/nickel color combo, this two-tiered shelf adds some subtle flair to any bathroom.

    A vanity shelf holding a toothbrush on top and a bottle on the bottom shelf.

    13. A three-tiered wire shelf for turning your untidy garage into an organizational haven. The wavy iron bars on the side make this shelf unassuming enough to move anywhere in the home.

    A black three-tiered wire shelf.

    14. A multi-functional toilet tissue dispenser to keep all your toilet paper centralized and not in disarray inside your bathroom cabinet. The organizer also has a feature to store your magazines and other reading material from piling up.

    15. A wooden hinged vanity able to organize the many junk drawers in our homes. The vanity also has hidden magnets on each side to hold tiny items from falling into corners.

    16. A six-piece storage set to keep all that flour you bought during the pandemic in neat, air-tight containers. The storage set comes in various sizes and is perfect for storing flour, lentils, and oats — so you can toss that awkward cylinder oatmeal container.

    Six-piece storage set for the kitchen.

    17. An adjustable shower caddy that can hold all your shower products and give the entire bathroom some eye-catching decor. The adjustable dividers provide room for those enormous body wash bottles and any slippery bar of soap.

    A three-tired stainless steel adjustable shower caddy.

    18. A terrace jewelry storage box because there is literally nothing worst than tangled necklaces. The three-tiered jewelry box keeps your family heirlooms and big purchases safe from the elements and away from a messy drawer.

    A brown jewelry box holding a watches, bracelets, earrings, and rings.

    19. A laundry station with a triple sorting bag that turns, “Ugh, laundry day, into, Yay! Laundry day!” Between the three sorting bags and wheels, the weekend chores becomes an easy wheeling affair.

    A metal laundry station with sorting bags.

    20. A water hyacinth and coiled rope storage bin to help the little ones stay just a bit more organized. But with a storage bin this striking, there is no shame using it for any family member.

    A water hyacinth and coiled rope storage bin.

    21. A three-tiered bamboo shoe rack that will keep its composure even holding the dirtiest shoes. Unlike a cluttered closest, the open slats on the shoe rack provide an unrestricted airflow, which reduces stinky odors.

    A three-tiered bamboo shoe rack.

    22. An acrylic round desktop organizer because an organized office is a productive office. Ditch the million different cups for rubber bands, paper clips, and staples for something gold-covered and multi-purpose.

    A clear round desktop organizer with gold and white pencils and gold paperclips.

    23. A metal wire round basket that is excellent for easy storage and will sit gorgeously anywhere in your home. The metal-meets-wood vibe looks great against any backdrop while being deceptively helpful in storing blankets and pillows.

    A metal wire basket.

    24. An all-in-one rail shelf, so your floor items are elevated and no longer preventing you from parking in your garage. This shelf is water, dust, and fade restraint — and will survive the elements.

    25. A roll-out fridge caddy to finally consolidated those endless bottles of hot sauces and salad dressings. The wheels provide for greater ease when storing or taking out your favorite snacks.

    A clear roll-out fridge caddy.

    26. A couple of Schwinn bike hooks that'll free you of unattractive dirt marks. Simply install the two hooks into your wall and watch your floor space reappear — each hook can hold up to 50 pounds.

    Two black bike hooks.

    27. A Keurig 24-count coffee drawer, which will prevent a sea of falling white plastic pods when you open your pantry first thing in the morning.