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    31 Life-Improving Products From Walmart You Can Get For Under $15

    Expensive does not equal life-changing.

    1. A reusable coffee pod because while we all love the ease of disposable pods, you are so much better off using a refillable cup. Aside from the obvious environmental benefits, you'll save cash by refilling this cup instead of buying new pods.

    a reusable coffee filter in purple

    2. A three-pack of travel bottles of Poo-Pourri so you can leave every bathroom smelling excellent, no matter what may be going on behind closed doors. Just spray into the toilet before nature calls, and you won't feel embarrassed when the next person uses the bathroom. That's not just polite; that's good bathroom-related karma.

    A set of Poo~Pourri bottles

    3. A box of plant-based dryer sheets because I'm now old, and decided to spend the extra $2 on these dryer sheets — and as a result, my clothes have never smelled and felt fresher! Pro tip: my partner informed me to stick one sheet in each drawer of my dresser, too, for a lovely smell.

    an 80-sheet box of Seventh Generation dryer sheets

    4. A digital food scale to prevent you from ruining a recipe by going a couple of grams over with the ingredients. A digital scale is perfect for precise weighing — and you'll need it the next time you run into a recipe that calls for "3/4 oz" of something!

    the mini scale

    5. A pair of earplugs because, for everything holy in the universe, please, please, please protect your ears and invest in a good pair of earplugs for when you see live music. Whether it's a day-long rave, a Norwegian death metal concert, or a gong show, protect your ears against loud sounds, just by slipping a tiny piece of silicon into your ears.

    a pair of clear and green ear plugs with a portable case

    6. A ceramic lotion pump because it's time to stop 👏 buying 👏 single 👏 use👏 bottles. Instead, you can have just one ceramic pump to store your soaps and lotions for years to come — and all for under $4.

    a blue ceramic lotion bottle on top of a sink

    7. And a bottle of Dr. Bronner's peppermint liquid soap to fill it with, because you will feel so clean, so peppery, and so ready for the day. Dr. Bronner's works as both a hand soap and a body wash — and now that I've used it, my eyes have been opened, and I now realize every other "peppermint" product I have used doesn't hold a candle to Dr. Bronner's.

    the liquid soap

    8. An eight-shelf hanging shoe organizer so you can keep all your shoes – and the dirt and gross stuff that accompanies them — elevated and away from your floor and carpet. A little foldable closest organizer is great when you want to up your organization, but don't want to add a cumbersome shoe shelve to your hallway.

    the hanging shoe organizer

    9. A big jar of Lao Gan Ma chili crisp because you're going to end up putting this delicious condiment on literally everything. The texture is crunchy, while the flavor a tad spicy but in no way overwhelming — it will give your tongue an awesome, slightly numbing feeling a la Szechuan peppercorns. It also comes with a cute spoon, so you can be sure to get every last crisp.

    10. A large Nalgene water bottle so you can stay hydrated with this nearly indestructible bottle (seriously, I'm going on six years with mine). Nalgene bottles are just an overall great way to keep on top of your water intake, and their tight screw-on lids made them easy to carry literally everywhere.

    the water bottle in purple

    11. A lavender soy candle to let in the yummy, tranquil vibes and expel any lingering negative energy from the workday. Mrs. Meyer's uses all-natural ingredients to craft their candles, and each wick can burn for 35 hours!

    the candle

    12. A shower caddy so you can keep all your shower essentials neatly organized, instead of balanced in the awkward, narrow corners of your shower. Simply hang over the shower head and voilà; organization at its finest.

    the hanging shower organizer

    13. A box of carpet odor eliminator that is explicitly designed to eliminate any nasty smells our four-legged friends may bring in, making your rugs and other furniture smell good as new. I put this on my sofa after Chip the dog comes over; he loves the couch (and so does his fur).

    14. An AirPod cleaner kit so you can listen to your tunes and podcasts without nasty ear junk interfering. The three-in-one multi-function cleaning pen will take out all the gunk embedded in the AirPods, improving your sound quality and preventing you from, you know, barfing when you see what is actually stuck in there 🤢🤢🤢.

    an Airpod cleaning kit

    15. A cold brew coffee maker to help you save money from those $5 grande cold brews that get gulped down in minutes. We all love our coffee breaks (I'm about to take one right now) but making your own cold brew has never been so easy and cost-effective (just spell your name wrong on your cup, and you'll feel as if you went out to your favorite cafe).

    a black cold brew coffee maker

    16. A set of five resistance bands so you can do a quick, easy workout wherever you go. You could even turn your lunch hour into 30 minutes of eating and 30 minutes of stretching — you'll feel great when you get back to your desk after a half hour of working out those muscles that don't get as much love.

    five different colored resistance bands with a black bag and guide

    17. A two-pack of disinfecting contact solution because your eyeballs are too important not to spend the extra $1 on high-quality contact solutions. What sets this apart from the rest is that it is 3% hydrogen peroxide, meaning it provides for a better clean (and has a pretty neat bubbling effect once you submerge your contacts).

    18. A magnetic knife holder so you can keep your knife sharp, rather than getting dulled in a junk drawer — and, most importantly, away from the little ones. Just attach this to your wall, and your knives will stay fresh and be safe — and it'll give your kitchen a 5-star restaurant vibe.

    a magnetic knife holder

    19. A three-pack of SPF 15 ChapStick because what's the point of buying lip balm without protecting yourself from sunburnt lips? Seriously, does anything in the world sound worse than "burnt lips?" A little SPF goes a long way, so apply regularly for always hydrated lips — and who doesn't enjoy a ~tasty~ cherry flavor?

    20. A braided extension cord/surge protector so you never have to strike a yoga pose just to reach your phone from across the room. Better yet, avoid spending your afternoons untangling a lengthy extension cord with this — the braided fabric material won't tangle and promotes longevity.

    a white braided extension cord/surge protector

    21. A pair of cut/heat-resistant gloves because whether you're julienning, mincing, chopping, or microplane-ing, a pair of these gloves can help you avoid turning what should be a fun, stress-free kitchen experience into a trip to the urgent care.

    22. A massage gel insert so you can save your back and feet with every step throughout the day. Simply insert to your shoe of choice, and watch the pressure, strain and foot pain you previously experienced waltz out of your life.

    a shoe massage gel insert in blue and black

    23. A box of lens wipes because more particulates on your glasses equal more eye strain, which means more headaches. Why not just use a paper towel, you ask? Well, those can scratch your lenses, while microfiber prevents scratching —and for those 20/20 vision people out there, a microfiber cloth is optimal for cleaning your phone screens, too!

    24. A Vicks Vapoinhaler so you'll always have a fresh, menthol-infused scent ready to counteract the sniffles and spring allergies. Use a Vapoinhaler when you're feeling dry or congested and just need a wonderfully cool feeling.

    a blue and green VapoInhaler

    25. A ceramic tumbler because having a small but mighty pot around provides endless possibilities for storage. This cute, little tumbler knows no bounds, whether you're using it to organize in the bathroom. (Toothbrushes and toothpaste! Makeup!) Or the bedroom. (Fresh flowers! Pens!)

    a brown ceramic tumbler holding toothbrushes

    26. A seven-piece drawer organizer so you can have perfectly arranged silverware, beautifully organized highlighters, and/ or excellently placed bathroom essentials. C'mon, junk drawers went out with disco and the Harlem Shake; staying organized has never been easier with these handy bins.

    a white seven piece drawer organizer

    27. A four-pack of fine point pens because this pen will change your life (and that's only slightly exaggerating). Since high school, I have been writing with the Pilot V7 and am still blown away by its easy writing and crystal smooth glide.

    someone using the pen

    28. A milk frother so you can have the perfect latte or an amazing omelette du fromage before work. Simply stick it into the milk, cream, eggs, etc., and have beautiful whipped peaks in seconds.

    29. A dog waste swivel bin because it's bad enough we have to pick it up; at the very least, you can avoid the back strain. The lightweight handle is designed for easy pick-up and adjusts to your height, so you no longer need to bend, kneel, or squat to pick up Fido's you-know-what. And if you're one of those people who walk your cat, I can only assume this works for that, too.

    a black dog waste swivel bin

    30. A mandoline slicer that'll give you uniform, thin slices, even if you don't have the precision of a Michelin-star sous chef. Put the mandoline to work by making ratatouille! Just please use the safety guard.

    a person slicing cucumber, potatoes, and carrots with a mandolin

    31. A set of hand and finger exerciser bands so you can have the grip strength of a rock climber — or, at the very least, keep your fingers nimble and not constantly in that fixed-keyboard-typing position. Just do a couple of finger exercises throughout your day, so you can likely reduce aches and pain later on!

    a green hand and finger exerciser

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