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    31 Things From Wayfair To Help Make Your Home Look Higher-End Without Spending Too Much

    Ditch the buyer's remorse with these swanky yet reasonably priced pieces of furniture.

    1. A tufted back convertible sofa, because it's totally possible to combine modern living with function. This sofa gives you the option of taking it from stylish flair into a comfy lounger or even a full-size bed.

    A navy blue lounger

    2. A geometric bookcase that'll let your guests wonder if you are a master shopper or just buy all your furniture from the Guggenheim. But furniture is nothing without practicality, which is why this bookcase has eight tiers at various heights.

    A turquoise bookcase holding books and a plant

    3. A table lamp because gold plus a geometric design equals high-end at its finest. The base's design are pentagons that produces some a lovely open-air ambience.

    A table lamp

    4. A two-drawer nightstand that is straight from the year 2187. The LED-lighted element and push-to-open drawers give your room some futuristic appeal.

    A black nightstand with blue lighting

    5. A Lafever four-shelved drawer where you will question if you are home or at a Bali resort. The drawer is crafted from pine, which is sustainably sourced, will give off some earthy hues.

    A dresser with a lamp, house plant, and two stacked books on top

    6. A wide tufted rectangular storage ottoman that will have your feet thanking you after those stressful days. The rich, creamy color blends perfectly with the sturdy wooden legs giving your living room a lively color scheme.

    A teal ottoman

    7. A natural wood coffee table so you can have the perks of gorgeous wooden finishes without breaking the bank. The pinewood table, combined with steel legs, creates a stunning contrast while having two shelves for optimal storage.

    A coffee table with stacked pots and decorative ornaments

    8. An arched floor lamp with a brass finish that merges modern design with traditional materials. You can also choose a glass lampshade, which adds a pinch of subtle style.

    A floor lamp

    9. A free-standing bathroom cabinet that transports your bathroom to a summer house in the Hamptons. Aside from its unique foggy look, the two Flemish glass panels in the cabinets will help hide your bathroom items.

    A free-standing bathroom cabinet with a seashell and tissues on top

    10. A symmetrical wall clock with a fractal design to give your home some modern-meets-geologist charm. The fractal design twists and turns in glistening enthusiasm. Ask yourself this: When was the last time a clock was the centerpiece? Exactly.

    the large bronze and gray wall clock

    11. A pedestal dining table to add some modern gusto to every meal. With golden-finished legs, the table shines brightly no matter the time of day.

    A pedestal dining table

    12. A full length mirror because you will need to see the look on your face knowing you got a premium mirror on a budget. Mirror mirror on the wall, whose home is the most stylish of them all?

    the tall standing mirror with black frame

    13. A wooden park bench because fall is right around the corner, and you want something with enough pizzazz to show off your yard for those much-awaited temperature drops.

    A park bench

    14. A barrel chair and ottoman set since the days of spending money on both a chair and a separate ottoman three years later are no longer. Instead, the sleek, solid colors of the chair and ottoman work in conjunction to add a subtle but powerful statement to your living room.

    A blue barrel chair and ottoman

    15. A shelf filing credenza because work is only going to become more remote, so why not make your home office look like you're the CEO?

    A wood and white filing credenza

    16. A gold and glass nesting table to feed your appetite for aesthetics. The open golden cube pattern creates something lively while also making your living room look more spacious.

    A nesting table

    17. An upholstered panel headboard — yes, even your bed can be modernized with little effort. In addition, the channel tufting provides high-end appeal that you thought were only possible in 5-star hotels.

    the gray upholstered headboard

    18. An abstract painting to produce an atmosphere of sophistication. The dark color scheme and blocky motif is a modern dream, and your houseguest will wonder if you're a world famous art collector.

    A blue, teal, green, black, and beige painting

    19. A two-tone iron hall tree so your entryway can have some organization and look absolutely impressive against any wall. The dark, ombre colors put beauty first but aren't shy about being a totally functional organizer.

    A hall tree supporting clothes, books, shoes, bags, and trinkets

    20. A TV stand that can support a large flatscreen or, if television is not your thing, a place to store your new lovely vinyl record collection — or anything, really. The cabinet brings a two-tone color contrast, and the clean lines give some minimalist appeal.

    A tv stand holding a stereo, vinyl record player, books, and a vase

    21. A daybed so you can snooze in comfort knowing your home is looking as fabulous as ever — because life is hard and you're entitled to as many naps as you please.

    A daybed

    22. A light sphere chandelier to empower your home with contemporary lighting. The sea urchin design is stunning and will instantly remodel your home's lighting from basic to eye-catching and useful.

    An antique silver sphere chandelier

    23. A glass floor vase to add some stylish flair to your precious beauties. Houseplants are all the rage, and your home will look like a modern botanical garden when earthy green leaves contrast against a pure blue and white vase.

    A glass vase

    24. A faux leather and marble dining room set because “one cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” Virginia Woolf aside, the dining room set offers vibrant red chairs with rich marbling.

    the four red fabric dining chairs and black marble table

    25. A bathroom vanity so you can wow your guests — and yourself — with modern simplicity. Despite popular belief, beauty can also be simple, and this vanity is a testament to just that.

    A bathroom vanity

    26. A chalkboard organizer so your home can have the most significant art of all: A child's imagination. The organizer is big enough to keep your child's room tidy, and the chalkboard is innovative for the little ones to use and not draw on the walls.

    A chalkboard organizer with stuffed animals inside

    27. A floating shelf set for your walls to have the forward-looking aesthetic it so deserves. The four-piece shelves are not limited to your living room or hallways, either; think how gorgeous these would float in your bathroom.

    Four white floating shelves

    28. An abstract end table that radiates decadence with its twists and curves, so you don't have to bend backward. The hand-carved end table is almost sure to drop some jaws.

    An end table

    29. A floral area rug to keep your home looking extravagant for years to come. Crafted to be stain-resistant, the always mesmerizing floral motifs will supply your floor with a dazzling design.

    A raspberry floral area rug

    30. A tripod lamp with a back-to-basics look. Sometimes, less is more; chill back and soak in the simple things with a wonderfully minimal floor lamp.

    A tripod lamp with plant on its built in shelf

    31. An outdoor side table to add lounge-y feels to your backyard. This side table will vibe up any patio and hold anything from frozen drinks to salty snacks.

    A cream side table holding a glass of water and plate of blueberries

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