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    20 Practical Things Worth Buying At Wayfair’s Cyber Monday Sale Event

    No need to run to the mall when you have this.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Gobble gobble! It's one of the most amazing times of the year when walking around in public with a drumstick is socially acceptable. But it's also that special time when seismic sales rock the internet. And of course, this applies to Wayfair, who will bring you deals galore. So sit back, relax and enjoy Wayfair's Cyber Monday sale!

    So let's check out some of the best practical items you can score:

    1. A machine-washable area rug because rugs look great except for, you know, the dirt, footprints, paw-prints, and the dreaded coffee spills. But fear not, because few things are as practical as a rug that looks great and that you can just throw into the laundry when worst comes to worst.

    a blue and red southwestern washable rug in a living room

    2. A storage ottoman that'll let you rest your legs for hours (check), stun your guests with its lovely deep gray color (double check) and be the optimal storage place for board games and remotes (ding ding ding!). The holidays are all about resting easy, and nothing screams holiday relaxation more than having a place to rest your feet.

    a navy storage ottoman in a living room

    3. A bookcase so you can display your prized collection while also keeping everything looking pristine with an authentic wooden display. Sorry, no more books tucked away throughout the house — your library is meant to be the center of attention (plus, the holidays mean more time to read).

    4. A shoe storage cabinet because between friends, family, and strangers being delighted by the smell of cookies, you can't ruin it with stinky shoes scattered in your entryway. Instead, you will have sixteen storage spaces for you and your guests' footwear, perfect for feet of all sizes.

    5. An air-fryer toaster oven because few kitchen appliances have been hailed as much as the mighty air-fryer. You don't have to take my word for it, just read the over 2000 reviews telling you how this humble machine went from kitchen luxury to weeknight essential.

    a silver air-fryer toaster oven

    6. A doggy sofa bed so you can give your precious one the best gift of all: practicality with each nap (you may also want to include a chew toy). Help Spot not get his fur all over the furniture with a designated sleep area that will also tie the room together.

    a golden retriever on a dark gray dog bed in a living room

    7. A nonslip bath mat because first, you're going to be covered in eggnog and pie crumbs all the time, meaning more showers, and second, you should never fear that your precious shower time will be thwarted by a dangerous fall. Aside from protecting you against a wet floor, your feet will feel great with the rug's cozy ruffles.

    a black, gray, and white non-slip rug on a bathroom floor

    8. A wooden dresser so you can up your organizational game while also pleasing your aesthetic cravings with some sleek wooden designs. Now you can tuck away your clothes in a lovely five-drawer dresser and forever have a resting place for your perfect pun-filled Christmas sweater collection.

    9. A three-bag bamboo laundry sorter because with all those holiday wardrobe changes between big dinners and fancy work parties, your clothes will need to go from the floor to a bamboo unit. It's pretty dang simple: set up the hamper, put clothes in the hamper, and wonder upon the lovely bamboo wood and simplicity.

    10. A modern linear chandelier so you can have opulent lighting and the flair to wow your dinner guests. The overlapping rods create a stunning geometric design that only the six different light options can outmatch.

    11. A storage cabinet that'll up your WFH game to the max while also being extraordinary. The wood paneling exudes CEO vibes while you keep everything from bulky printer paper to endless paperclips tidy.

    12. A stand mixer because only two words are needed to explain this purchase: holiday cookies. A stand mixer is the tour de force of kitchen appliances, and now with a steep discount, well, it suddenly becomes even more justified.

    13. An adjustable-height writing desk so you can take your time with those holiday cards on a picture-perfect desk that's sturdy enough to be by your side for years to come. Instead of drawers, simply lift up the top panel and see perfect storage options for pencils, pens, and paper.

    a black adjustable desk against a wall

    14. A closest system because sometimes the burden to clean out the closest is just a task that will remain undefeated. But don't fret! You needn't move to a new place; you just need to install a system that will totally reorganize your closet from the ground up.

    15. A three-piece hyacinth basket set so you can enjoy all the best-smelling bathroom products as they live their best, most organized, lives. Of course, this hand-woven look equates to problem-free tropical vibes while also being super sturdy.

    16. A solid wood bench so you can enamor your visitors with something sleek and minimal while being in tandem with functionality. A wooden bench doesn't require much, TBH. Just set anywhere and enjoy anytime.

    17. A chaise sectional because some phrases are just practical by default, like "BOGO," "half-off pumpkin spice," and "two-piece sectional." It just makes sense to pay less for more, and when it comes to a piece that is both comfy and stylish, well, you do you.

    a gray two-piece sectional in a living room

    18. An electric fireplace because the day of charcoal and chopping wood is long gone. Forget the dirty work (sorry, Walden) and enjoy the beauty of heat by electricity. And yes, it really does keep you warm.

    19. A floating nightstand because wouldn't it be nice to actually be able to vacuum underneath a nightstand just once every decade? Aside from looking futuristic, you also have plenty of storage room to keep all your belongings within arm's reach.

    a charcoal floating nightstand in a beddroom

    20. A coffee table because first, where will you place your peppermint mochas? I'll wait. And second, why not enjoy a lovely table where you can eat that second serving of 🎃 pie OR use as an ad hoc work desk?

    an espresso coffee table in a living room

    Well, that just about does it, folks. Don't forget: the Cyber Monday sale will soon. Like most things during the holidays, supplies and sales won't last!