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14 Moments That Made Us Want To Watch "Gran Hermano"

We must address them. Catch the show on Telemundo LIVE every Sunday at 8/7c and 5ps. ‪#‎GranHermanoUS‬

1. When this craziness came out of Iselis's mouth:

2. Maday's reaction to the way Iselis talks sometimes:

3. Jason's moves...which...were sorta the perfect mix of naughty and nice:

4. When Agustín let himself feel all the feels...

5. ...but also, when he let loose and joked with Jason:

6. When Jason gave his sincere opinion about the absence of showering:

7. When Yaya claimed she will be sharing her sandwiches with housemates suffering from hunger:

8. When one of the housemates kinda made up a word during a house challenge, and Iselis called him out about getting upset after Big Brother deemed it "not valid":

9. When Maday was all of us, stuffing herself in her bed in broad daylight, saying what we would all do were we locked in a house with no TV, no interwebs, and not even a game of lotería:

10. When Carlos made everyone sh*t their pants with his horror stories...

11. the one about his tía playing ouija with her friends, and the board directing one of the girls into the room next door, instructing her to "say goodbye":

12. And Catalina sharing how she broke up her engagement, only to regret it afterwards...but never got her man back:

13. If we haven't yet piqued your interest in these people, JUST LOOK AT THEIR SICK BODIES...

14. ...and watch for ALL THIS 🔥 EYE CANDY 🔥:

Don’t miss the drama, the heartbreak, and, of course, THE BICEPS on Gran Hermano on Telemundo LIVE every Sunday at 8pm/7c and 5ps. ‪#‎GranHermanoUS‬