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11 Times The "Gran Hermano" Housemates Showed How Whack They Really Are

Is being locked in making them crazy? Or were they always crazy AF, and their true colors just shining brighter now? Either way, check out more fun moments on Telemundo LIVE every Sunday at 8pm/7c — ¡está bueno!. ‪#‎GranHermanoUS‬

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11. And when Pedro talked about how he kind of...tried to clean his bum...and the toilet paper just didn't give. 💩

Courtesy of Telemundo / Via Gran Hermano

Basically, the struggle for decent TP is real. We feel for you, buddy.

Oh boy, oh boy. This house is a madhouse. Get to know the contestants and laugh a little by catching Gran Hermano on Telemundo LIVE every Sunday at 8pm/7c! ‪#‎GranHermanoUS‬