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The Smell Of Sperm

The Smell Of Sperm

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The Smell Of Sperm

This story happened in a first-class university in the United States last October. In the biology class, the professor is explaining that semen contains a high proportion of glucose.

A girl raised her hand and asked, "If I understand it correctly, you mean sperm should be sweet?" "Yes", The professor replied and was prepared to add some data. The girl raised her hand again and asked, "Why doesn't it taste sweet? After a while, the whole class burst into laughter, and the girl finally understood she had said her sex experience, reddened her face, picked up the textbook, and said nothing, and went out of the classroom.

But when she was walking out the door, the professor's response was classic! He answered the question: "it doesn't eat sweet because the taste buds are on the tongue, not in the back throat."

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