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The Particular 6 Sex Stories To Promote The Fun Of The Sex

The particular 6 Sex Stories to Promote the Fun of the Sex

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The particular 6 Sex Stories to Promote the Fun of the Sex

1.Sex efficiency

Sex researchers in the United States believe that sex in the office is more efficient, with about 8 % of men and 7 % of women having sex in public.

2.Migraine headaches

British doctors have found that sex can help treat migraines. Every excitement of the genitals blocks the pain. Orgasm can even increase women's pain threshold by 70 %.

3.Love words

The three words that men like to hear in bed are: " you are great, my baby! " no one is better than you! "And "I love you!"

4.Handcuffs game

In Japan, the handcuffs game is a tradition. Now the game is also popular in western countries. Among young people between the ages of 18 and 28, 38 percent have tried the game, but they use soft scarves and velvet gloves instead of handcuffs. This can enjoy a passive pleasure.

5.Favorite pose

The western European concept of sex is still very traditional. Women like the way men dominate in sex, while men prefer the position that dominated by women.


Dancing can not only make men and women sexier, but it can make both of you persist in making love longer

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