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    • grafh

      Is anyone surprised that the DUMA has passed a few “controversial” laws before a major event? If the current Russian administration is remembered for anything; it will be its ability to “stir up the international pot” I think Putin is just jockeying for headlines. He’s like the Kanye West of world leaders. Considering the $50 billion infrastructure overhaul of Sochi is way behind schedule, this seems to be a smokescreen to draw critics away from construction issues. I don’t think countries boycotting the games have as much of a macroeconomic impact on the games as do Major Corporate Sponsors. I could see major companies like Coca-Cola or Proctor & Gamble threatening to pull sponsorship but then again Russia has some serious Billionaires that would probably open their wallets at the drop of a sponsor.  Boycotting the Olympics over social constructs is a double edged sword, sure you send a zero-tolerance message to the “offending country.” But what happens to the athletes that have spent the last 4 years training for this event? Let the athletes decide whether they want to boycott the Games, not every Olympian sees eye-to-eye on equality.  I don’t remember anyone raising ire over China’s gross human rights violations when they sponsored the Olympics. Oh yeah, that’s different because the people in China and Tibet don’t have the same international pull as the LGBT movement. What’s next NFL teams sporting LGBT patches on their Jerseys for Pride week?

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