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    • GracieFriedrich

      I’ma49-year-old professional woman who worked for more thanadecade in an academic field dominated by men.Iconsider myselfafeminist and have participated in numerous campaigns promoting women’s rights.Ihaveadifficult time understanding why the author finds the identified PETA ads objectionable. Beginning from the top, yes, the woman is being depicted as “a piece of meat,” but “pieces of meat” are actually pieces of animals, every bit as capable of feeling pain and suffering as any human being — male or female. On the swine flu ad,Iask: Is the correct response when people die to simply wring one’s hands and cry? Isn’t itabetter response to point out the cause of the death (industrialized factory farming of animals, in the case of swine and bird flu). On the Times Square ad: Animals are murdered so that their flesh can be consumed as “meat.” Did you buy McDonald’s line about hamburgers growing in hamburger patches? The “boyfriend went vegan” ad doesn’t glorify girlfriend abuse; it celebrates the vitality that comes from eatingavegan diet devoid of cholesterol and low in saturated fat. Oil spill ad: Again, we just cry for the spill and not ask why we use so much oil (here’sahint: the UN says that meat production is more energy-intensive than all transportation modes, combined).

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