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Tell Us Your Ariana Grande Opinions And We'll Reveal Which Type Of Soup You Are

"[I'm] miso for sure. But also it might depend on the time of year." — Ariana Grande

graceymurphy 8 months ago
graceymurphy 8 months ago

Pick Up Lines For Every Guy On The Apps

Pick up lines using some of the most generic men names. Joe? Daniel? Nick? We've got them. (This is for the Editorial Fellowship.)

graceymurphy 8 months ago

The Ten Most Difficult Foods To Give Up On A Diet And How To Replace Them

I am not in shape. I rarely exercise, I eat everything I see and I never sleep. So as a new and “fun” summer challenge, I decided to go on a diet. Not a “eat nothing but veggies” diet, but more of a “stop eating all that nasty junk you always put in your body and replace it with something better for you” diet. I want to take care of myself, and I was not doing that two weeks ago. This is for the editorial fellowship.

graceymurphy 2 years ago