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The Many Mysteries of Anna Wintours #IceBucketChallenge

Evian or Voss?

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I am not going to lie I have kind of been skeptical on this whole ALS #IceBucketChallenge thing. Don't get me wrong I think it's all for an amazing cause but after the same girl on my Instagram feed posted SIX different videos of herself drenched in a bootleg version of the Arctic Ocean, I kind of just wished people would donate to charity the old fashioned way with a ballpoint pen and a checkbook in the privacy of there own.

But all of a sudden tons of people who I love and adore (Oprah, Stephen King, Kylie Jenner, etc…) began participating in this phenomenon and I found myself torn. But I stood to my grounds and decided that under no circumstance would I ever partake in this child's play. However yesterday, everything changed. Who would have ever thought that after being nominated, Anna Wintour would douse herself in a bucket of ice water like the rest of us?

I felt like I was watching an outtake from one of those "The More You Know" commercials, except it was set in the British countryside and Colin Firth may have been holding the camera. The group of children for some reason made me think she was inspired from Kate Moss and Jamie Hince's wedding photos when they are surrounded by tons of flower girls. Even after all this I'm still left with so many many takes did it take to get the perfect amount of drama on that zoom in? I couldn't tell, was she barefoot? Actually, now that I'm thinking about it that was definitely not an iPhone zoom, who directed this video...Darren Aronofsky? Sofia Coppola? Is it eligible for Sundance? Honestly what I really want to know is what type of bottled water she used to fill up all of those buckets. You and I both know she wouldn't let anything touch that bob with something that came from a hose.

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