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    Updated on Feb 1, 2019. Posted on Oct 2, 2015

    14 Times Pinterest Went Too Far

    Who has the time to build a chandelier out of plastic spoons?

    These are all suggestions found as-is on Pinterest.

    1. "Buy an old bus." Oh, okay.

    2. If the popsicle sticks don't say "eating food on the couch" then this is all wrong.

    3. Seems unsanitary.

    4. Good luck with this one.

    5. I don't even have enough patience to do my laundry.

    6. This image is very misleading.

    7. Relax, please.

    8. The least they could do is explain what's going on in this picture.

    9. Hard pass.

    10. This experience costs over $5,000.

    11. Ah, yes. A Rainbow Bubble Snake.

    12. Seems like a major fire hazard.

    13. Excuse me???

    14. ?????????????????? I'm good! Thanks!!

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