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    18 Tweets About "Other Girls" That Will Make You Say "YES"

    "What exactly is your problem with other girls? I like other girls. Fuck off."


    dudes who praise u for not being like other girls who take selfies & care about Girl Shit are the same ones who'll resent u for being smart


    Instead of saying "I'm not like other girls" how about informing them that women are individuals & we enjoy many things despite stereotypes!


    used to revel in being "one of the guys/not like other girls" & basically i just wanna thank u all so much for rescuing me from that mindset


    "you're different. you're not like other girls." bllleeeehhh worst. pick up line. ever. yes, I am get away from me bye


    I'm not like the other girls. I have a third eye hidden in my forehead that fires laser beams at my enemies.


    Anyways, complimenting a woman by telling her she's not like the other girls generally reveals you don't like women.


    hey guys its me. im not really like other girls. yes i am beautiful but theres so much more to me than that. i drink craft beer + eat pizza


    I hate when guys say "you're not like other girls". We all know exactly what that means. And you're most likely like every other guy


    Seriously, beware of women who start that "I'm not like other girls, I'm cool, most of my friends are guys" bullshit.


    The most important characteristic to notice in any dude is how he treats other women. "You're not like other girls" is grade-A misogyny.


    *extremely 'not like other girls' voice* ugh, selfies!! follow for comedy based on the clothing appearance and behavior of my fellow women


    If you brag about not being like other girls, we are glad you aren't like us.


    Demolish the idea that you're "not like other girls." Don't try to attain male approval, put that energy into attaining solidarity w girls


    "i'm not like other girls" me: *hugs you* "aww hey don't be so hard on yourself! You are just as pretty, funny, n cool as the rest of us."


    ideal movie script: dude: you're not like other girls girl: what exactly is your problem with other girls, i like other girls. fuck off.


    "I'm not like other girls" is based on the idea that women and femininity are inherently vapid, lack value. Always reject it.


    don't ever compliment me by insulting other women that's not a compliment, it's a competition none of us agreed to


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