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    21 Tweets About Cereal That Will Make You Smile

    "Do you pour cereal before milk or are you a monster?"


    Every college commencement speaker should warn the graduates, "You will never have this much access to good cereal again."


    *goes back in time to meet me as a kid* ME: When u grow up you'll like cereal w/ raisins instead of marshmallows KID ME: Dear God ME: I know


    I may never truly know the pain of giving birth to a child, but I have poured a big bowl of cereal only to find I'm out of milk.


    When you at a party and try to fit in but you really just eating cereal


    If cereal commercials were more accurate they'd show a lot more college kids with hangovers eating out of the box & spilling everywhere


    Do you pour cereal before milk or are you a monster?


    INTERVIEWER: your resumè says you're resourceful; how so? ME: one time when all the dishes were dirty i ate cereal out of a cowboy hat


    *invents breakfast cereal* "I call it 'breakfast cereal'" *eats* "Woah" *drops 'breakfast' from name*


    Cop: Know why I stopped u? "Speeding?" Cop: U didn't eat breakfast "Wha-" Cop: Most important meal of the day [hands him bowl of cereal]


    If your cereal mascot isn’t some kind of mentally deranged anthropomorphic animal I’m not even interested in your product.


    when you pour cereal in the bowl and open up the fridge and realize you don't have a reason to live


    When your mom buys off brand cereal


    (lucky charms drinking alone on saint Patrick's day) "Hey luck what's wrong man" THOse FUCKING KIDS *tears up* won't let me have my cereal


    Technically I'm an adult, but this measuring cup I filled with cereal because all the bowls were dirty says otherwise.


    Relationship Status: I can't even commit to one kind of cereal.


    "Oh fuck it." - a mom buying her kids Cookie Crisp cereal


    ME: *packing my bags* WIFE: let's talk about this ME (still mad she didn't get the cereal with the toy inside): theres nothing to talk about


    A nationwide recall of the popular children's cereal Trix was issued today "Just dump them out in your garden" said one long-eared FDA agent


    cereal originated when somone thought "yo lets make this bread wet befor we eat it"


    Nothing says "I have no time for you" like offering someone cereal for breakfast.


    marry someone who has a different favorite cereal than u so they wont eat all of urs