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    23 Times The Internet Reminded Us The "Friend Zone" Isn't Real

    Guess what? It's made up.

    1. When it nailed the fact that the "friend zone" literally does not exist.

    ✨ the friend zone does not exist ✨ stop making girls feel bad for rejecting you ✨ they don't owe you anything ✨

    2. It is imaginary.

    The "friendzone" is designed by bros to soften the blow to an ego. It doesn't exist. A human didn't feel the way you did. Keep it moving.

    3. What do the "friend zone" and the plot of The Matrix both have in common? Yup, they're both made up.

    4. Don't feel guilty!

    love it when dudes say the word 'friendzone' as if its a real thing and not just a tool to make girls feel guilty 4 not having sex with them

    5. It's 👏 not 👏 real 👏.

    reminder that the friend zone isn't a real thing, but a socially constructed coping mechanism to deal with unreciprocated sexual feelings

    6. When it highlighted the grave reality of the "friend zone."

    The bullshit notion of a friendzone is leading to actual deaths. Women don't owe men anything. They don't exist to serve you. Grow up.

    7. When it shared the wisdom of this professor.

    8. When it made everything easier with this chart.

    9. Does putting it in song form clarify everything?

    10. It nailed what it feels like to be accused of putting someone in the "friend zone."

    #tothegirls u aren't awful if u "friendzone" a "nice guy." the guy who feels entitled to yr body just bc he was /nice/ to u is the awful one

    11. And also what it feels like to be on the other end of the "friend zone."

    you know what sucks worse than the friend zone is the we can't be friends bc you didn't put out zone. fruit for thought

    12. 🙌 🙌 YES. 🙌 🙌

    imagine thinking that being friendzoned is worse than finding out someone u thought valued u as a whole person just wanted to fuck u

    13. Friendship feels good!

    14. And when it nailed how the "friend zone" hurts actual friendship.

    When boys complain about the ~friendzone~ all I can hear is "You want me to value you & this friendship?! WITHOUT ANYTHING SEXUAL??? NOPE!"

    15. Friendship is great. We are lucky to have friends.

    so amazing we live in a society where being literally in a woman's zone of friendship is seen not as a privilege but as a bitter misfortune.

    16. Getting it right about the "nice guy" syndrome.

    17. *Cough cough*

    18. Not so nice.

    You say "friendzone" but I hear "her free will and autonomy is inconvenient to my boner and therefore she's the bad guy"

    19. Yup.

    20. When it nailed the "friend zone" logic.

    21. Yessssss.

    Women aren't vending machines in that if you put enough kindness coins in, sex falls out. No such thing as the friendzone. Shut up.

    22. Liz Plank telling it like it is in her piece "It's Not the 'Friend Zone.' It's You."

    23. And finally:

    ’slut’ is attacking women for our right to say yes. ‘friend zone’ is attacking women for our right to say no.