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The 21 Funniest Body Image Tweets From 2015

Just let acne have your face.



Just gonna let the acne have my face

3. When you actually wear matching underwear:

the guy is probably wearing matchy matchy too, we will never know


I want to be the exact opposite of "naturally beautiful" I want men who like tht to see me & think Ew is that a robot?ill never speak to her


Whoa whoa whoa nobody told me that after this bikini body boot camp workout I'd be deployed to the bikini body war


if u hear a distant scream it's probably me accidentally opening on front camera


my dating tip is walk up to boys & tell them how brave they are for not wearing makeup


Weird that "pussy" is used to mean "coward" and not "engulfing muscular atmosphere of warmth, pleasure and possibility"


isn’t it weird how women lose their bodies and become ethereal vapor for a short time after giving birth


My favorite movie character is the heroine who chops her hair off with a pair of dull scissors and then has a salon-quality pixie cut.


I am wearing shorts to work today. I am excited for my co-workers to say things like "Those legs are normal" & "You've got the normal legs"


weird how selfies are narcissistic when men literally had portraits painted of them in dressing gowns to show how long they spent thinking



*has an epiphany* ohhhh resting bitch face means a woman so deep in thought she forgot to be self-conscious of her looks for a minute


for when u did a smoky eye for the club & also u no longer wish to see the horrors of this world


ME: i'd like to get rid of all this PERSONAL TRAINER: you're just making like one sweeping gesture around your entire body ME: and my head


When ur doing ur mascara and it gets on your eyelid after you've already done your eyeshadow


Lol I can't believe that I have to exist inside of a body UGH THAT IS SO OLD FASHIONED, PLS JUST LET ME BE A CHILL MIST


*wipes doritos dust onto cum-stained sweatpants* hmmmmm time to pick out a flawless wife on the internet. not rihanna her forehead's too big


Didn't realize I'd been only reading books by women until I started one by a man and got to his first physical description of a woman!


I like how sometimes the equivalent of female character development is giving her bangs

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