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The 12 Absolute Greatest 30 Rock Cameos

"Boy, you know over the last five years we've had a lot of crazy characters and guest stars drop by TGS."

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A handful of celebrities guest starred on 30 Rock during its seven seasons.


Some were recurring, some were cameos. After lots of careful consideration, here are the top 12.

1. Chris Parnell as Dr. Spaceman.

2. It's hard to imagine anyone besides the legendary Elaine Stritch playing Jack's mother.


R.I.P. Elaine, we hope you're in your coffin rocket right now.

3. Oprah Winfrey as Liz Lemon's drug-induced plane hallucination.

"I have to call you back. I'm snitting next to Borpo."

4. Steve Martin as the hilarious love-interest-turned-villain Gavin Volure.


Fun fact: Steve Martin and Tina Fey are both winners of The Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.


5. Jennifer Aniston as "grab-a-cop's-gun crazy" Claire.

6. Michael Sheen as Liz Lemon's insufferable English boyfriend Wesley.

7. Jon Hamm as Doctor Drew Baird.

So handsome.

"I should warn you, I used to be pro in college."

But so, so dumb.

8. Elizabeth Banks as the power-hungry "money bunny" Avery Jesup.

"Avery's keeping her pregnancy a secret at work, so she's been carrying around large objects whenever she's in the building."


9. Carrie Fisher as Rosemary Howard, Liz Lemon's idol.


10. Robert De Niro playing himself in probably the funniest moment of one of the funniest episodes of 30 Rock.

Jack Donaghy uses De Niro to help his not-so-smart business idea.

"You're going to pre-tape a benefit for a disaster that hasn't happened yet? That is bad karma, Jack."

11. Matt Damon as Liz's stubborn pilot boyfriend Carol Burnett.

"How are you two dating?! You're too similar!"

12. Dean Winters as Dennis Duffy: World's Worst Human Being.

One of Dennis's many horrible business ventures.

"I can move my stuff in tonight, right? I just have one duffel bag and a sidecar."


"You just go downstairs, you get the key from David and BOOM! You plug in the machine."

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