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22 Hysterical Tweets About Nerds That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

Nerds of the world, unite!

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yo here's a cool name: "Wolf Blitzer." Damn that's cool as hell. Let's give it to the lamest nerd imaginable.


bully: ready for another ass kicking, nerd? me: not today, pal. not today *i whistle* FERRETS ATTACK! *thousands of ferrets crest a hill*


*steals Nerd's lunch money, tells him to Go Fly a Kite* *watches him havin a great time flying a kite* Damn You


*hears spooky noise* ME: Who goes there? GHOST: *does high pitched imitation of me* Who goes there? Lol nerd. *the ghost gives me a wedgie*


Here's a list of things that are nerds. Here's a list of things that I will be smelling later. Oh look. It's the same list.


*bumps into cool guy at work and my papers fall* whatcha got here nerd "please dont steve" *picks up papers* Titanic 2 a screenplay by bren


nerd, huh? well can a "NERD" do THIS?? *plays beautiful recorder solo*


Dad stumbles in late to my spelling bee, yells out "nerd, n-e-r-d, nerd", spins his wallet chain once and leaves.


Sticks and stones may break my bones but I am a Level 23 Sorcerer with pretty good defensive magi- [gets dumped in trash by football team]


I married my husband because he wasn't a nerd and now he's making me watch the entire battlestar galactica series this was not in my vows


"Look at this geek with his pants pulled all the way up to his cephalothorax! Ha-ha, nerd! Sixteen-eyes!" - spider bullies


can you believe someone just left a line of mint condition action figures in the woods like thi- [box labeled "big ass nerd trap" tips over]


hey wait a minute that's not a cool dude that's just two nerds in a trenchcoat


guy: I'm a nerd me: oh yeah then what's a computer? guy: uhhhh me: poser


BEN FRANKLIN: Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. ME: You're a nerd and your 1700s body smelled like garbage


someone just asked me why i did something like im some sort of nerd who does things because he has reasons


sometimes i wonder if my fish look at me through the aquarium glass and think "fuck off nerd."


♫ Take me down to the apple nerd city where the guys look lame when they talk to Siriiii ♪ Hey look at meeee on my phooooone ♫


Every museum is also a museum of nerds reading plaques.


remember, remember, huge nerds in november


If you wear glasses, always carry a spare pair in case you have to pretend you stole them from a nerd and step on a pair to prove youre cool


wow, what else does the sun also do, hemingway. you fucking nerd. say 'hello' to these arms because they're about to shove you in a locker

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