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22 Tweets About Funerals You'll Feel OK Laughing At

It might feel wrong, but it's not.

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*stomps feet twice and claps over and over until everyone at the funeral is doing it* "we will...we will..miss you"


[Speaking at funeral] We made it guys it's Friday


[at a funeral] We should do a jumping photo


[at funeral] "my phone is vibrating" want me to create a distraction so you can answer it? "no, are you craz- *points at casket* HE BLINKED


*the "i like to move it move it" song plays as my casket is lowered*


[my son giving the eulogy at my funeral] My dad once told me *he pauses to wipe away tears* the world is gonna roll me i aint the sharpest t


At my funeral play the Super Mario original theme until my casket is lowered in the ground then play the underground music


[organist plays take me out to the ballgame] Priest: sir this is a funeral show some respect [plays take me out to the ballgame slower]


SUUUPER last minute invite but my funeral is today


at my funeral don't let anybody say my spirit is among you - i will NOT be there i have better things to do


Trent! It's your cousin Marvin. Marvin Reznor! Know that sound you've been looking for? I think I found it! *holds phone up to funeral*


I hope when I die ppl are like she coulda been so famous... she didn't tho. decided 2 just kick back n fuckin chillax instead. RIP


My funeral instructions to my family were to have me cremated, and I told my best friends under no circumstances should I be cremated.


JERRY SEINFELD [eulogizing my funeral]: WHAT is the DEAL with MASSIVE HEART FAILURE


all milk comes from a boob, y'know. that milk in your coffee? boob. what? no, i didn't know the deceased, my car broke down outside


A good comeback when someone doesn't believe you're a time traveler is "Yeah well nobody cried at your funeral."


At my funeral hope everybody throws Kraft singles onto my coffin instead of dirt


*at a funeral* haha. they should have provided SOUL food, lol. *nudges crying lady next to me* hey. they should have had SOUL food here haha


*leans into the microphone at a funeral* does anybody know the wifi password?


[funeral] ME: Grandpa loved 2 things; jazz and football. So this is my tribute to him [I take a step back & solemnly drop kick a saxophone]


When I die please play the Backstreet Boys at my funeral I want it that way


For anyone still considering getting close to me, fair warning that I'm the kind of guy who keeps a Google Doc of insane funeral requests

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