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23 Things You'll Only Understand If You Need Attention

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1. The adrenaline rush you get when you enter the room:

2. The need to immediately assert how important you are:


3. No matter where you are:

4. Seriously:

5. Jenna Maroney gets it:

6. Other people don't:

Poorly Drawn Lines / Via

7. There are all different kinds of attention.

8. Dietary attention, for example.

9. Even negative attention is still attention.


10. The positive attention afterward:

11. Sometimes you have to compete with your pets.

12. The drama when you don't get what you want:

13. The joy when you finally do:

YURI CORTEZ / Getty Images

14. The way text messaging has changed the game:

15. Hellooo:


17. When you want attention and gifts:

18. How you react when you don't get your way:

19. The need for drastic measures:

20. Never growing out of it:

21. The benefits of photoshop:

22. How important it is to feel your look:

23. Because you're super cute:


24. Isn't it obvious?!

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