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    Somebody Needs To Hire Ryan Lochte To Write Movie Reviews Professionally

    Roger Ebert's shoes have finally been filled.

    Ryan Lochte is first and foremost an Olympic swimmer, duh.

    Harry How / Getty Images

    He's also newly famous for, uh, stirring shit up.

    But Lochtegate and Olympic career aside, there's another part of Ryan Lochte you should really get to know.

    Ryan LOVES movies.

    More specifically, he loves tweeting about movies he is watching, or has already watched, or plans on watching. All of these tweets are very, very good.

    There should be a TV program in which Ryan Lochte just talks about movies.

    "Supposedly. But I guess we’ll never know. Thanks for tuning in — I’m Ryan Lochte."

    He lets us know that he's laughing.

    He's one of America's greatest athletes — he's too tired to Google.

    Don't worry, some of his movie reviews are critical.

    This one takes a few seconds.

    Ryan Lochte's not afraid to get personal with his movie reviews.

    Sometimes he also reviews TV shows.

    These are also very important tweets.

    That comedy classic we all know and love: American Idol.

    This tweet has a cliffhanger! It really takes you on a journey.

    Ryan Lochte's talk show should also include his dogs roaming around the studio audience.

    He has nice things to say about Cool Runnings and he didn’t even watch it. He's just thinking about it.

    Two thumbs up for Kung Fu Panda!

    Another bad ass film.

    In case you were curious about Ryan Lochte's favorite movie:

    He loves it!

    In this tweet, he's addressing an invisible audience. I swear, his talk show is just around the corner.

    By the way, his parents should absolutely be guests on The Ryan Lochte Show.

    How big do you think his DVD collection is?

    “G night tweets haha!” would be the sign off for each episode. It would be the new "Seacrest, out."

    His tweets sound like he’s signing his friend’s high school yearbook.

    Excited, jeah!

    In conclusion: here is the most insightful thing Ryan Lochte has ever said.

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