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Trendy Foods, Ranked

I'd like to speak to the person who's in charge of *vague hand gesture* all of this.

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List Of Food Trends Ranked By Accessibility

10. Galaxy Doughnuts
9. Soylent

8. Sushi Burrito Wrap
7. Mufgel

6. Cronut

5. Poke Bowl

4. Avocado Toast

3. Fairy Bread

2. Overnight Oats

1. Mac N' Cheetos

List Of Food Trends Ranked By Name Intimidation

10. Fairy Bread

9. Overnight Oats

8. Mac N' Cheetos

7. Galaxy Doughnuts

6. Avocado Toast

5. Mufgel

4. Soylent

3. Cronut

2. Sushi Burrito Wrap

1. Poke Bowl (Is this one a threat?)

List Of Food Trends Ranked By Likelihood To Double As Mean Girl Clique Name

10. Overnight Oats

9. Cronut

8. Soylent

7. Avocado Toast

6. Fairy Bread

5. Poke Bowl

4. Galaxy Doughnuts

3. Mac N' Cheetos

2. Sushi Burrito Wrap

1. Mufgel (The clique name where every letter is someone's first name)

List of Food Trends By Likelihood My Grandmother Would Believe Me If I Told Her It Was A Dirty Term

10. Mac N' Cheetos

9. Avocado Toast

8. Overnight Oats

7. Galaxy Doughnuts

6. Cronut

5. Soylent

4. Sushi Burrito Wrap

3. Fairy Bread

2. Poke Bowl

1. Mufgel

List Of Food Trends Ranked By How Okay It Would Be To Shout Them Out During Sex

10. "Mufgel!"

9. "Sushi Burrito Wrap!"

8. "Fairy Bread!"

7. "Soylent!"

6. "Poke Bowl!"

5. "Mac N' Cheetos!"

4. "Galaxy Doughnuts!"

3. "Avocado Toast!"

2. "Overnight Oats!"

1. "CRONUT!!!"

List Of Food Trends Ranked By Comfortability Within A Pop Song

10. Mac N' Cheetos

*unintelligible screaming* Mac N' Cheetos, friends! *more unintelligible screaming*

9. Cronut

Cro-oh cro-oh cro-oh nut nut nut / Cro-oh cro-oh cro-oh nut nut nut

8. Overnight Oats
Yeah baby, we could go all night / you're my overnight oats / you're my overnight oats

7. Mufgel

I've heard a few things / about you-know-who / that's right / I heard about you / I heard about your mufgel / congratulations on your mufgel

6. Soylent

It's soylent, bitch

5. Sushi Burrito Wrap

Tonight it's just you and me baby / imagine that / we're making love in the sushi burrito wrap

4. Poke Bowl

I see all the dudes / staring at my butt / they wanna know / they wanna ask / can they poke the bowl / the answer is no

3. Avocado Toast
Drunk and loud at brunch / yeah, I know I do the most / whoa, baby / whoa, baby / Avocado Toast

2. Galaxy Doughnuts

Tonight it's all about having fun / losing our minds / out here in the galaxy doughnuts / take my hand

1. Fairy Bread

I know what the fellas say about me / that I'm nothing but fairy bread / so I show 'em the door / and go out with my girls instead

List of Food Trends Ranked By Order Of Taste

2. ????????????????????????????????????

1. Avocado Toast (lol it's the only one I've tried.)

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