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Posted on Oct 9, 2015

17 Reasons Why Halloween Kind Of Sucks

The cold hard truth about All Hallows' Eve.

1. Let's face it: the fun part of Halloween ends when you're around 13 or 14 and you stop trick-or-treating.

Warner Premiere

2. And then when you're an adult you have to give other people the candy you bought!

Warner Premiere

3. Not enough people want to "Halloween movies and chill" on Halloween night.


4. It's like New Year's Eve but worse because you end up spending more money.


5. People get too drunk and loud at Halloween parties.


6. The "Let's take a group photo!" person at every Halloween party.


Can we instead just stand in a circle and compliment each other's costumes?

7. Spending a lot of time putting together a costume that will never be appreciated enough.


Sure, they'll live forever on your Instagram account. But we don't give them enough appreciation on Halloween night!

8. There's no winning with costumes. Trying too hard makes you look like a dork but if you don't try people give you shit.


9. "Relevant" costumes.

Matt Little / Via

How many pizza rats are we going to see this year?

10. Pun costumes.

11. Bad couples' costumes.

12. Unfunny people pretending to be funny because they are wearing a costume they read about online.


13. Not enough Hocus Pocus sequels.


14. Eating too much candy and getting a stomach ache.


15. That little sore you get on your tongue when you eat too much sugar.


16. Front yard decorations that try to scare you.


Please get your fake spiders and your animatronic dancing skeleton out of my sight.

17. There aren't enough quality Halloween songs.


There are a few good ones. But not nearly enough.

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