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34 "I Laughed So Hard I Cried" Stories

I asked people about the times they were the IRL version of the "laugh-cry" emoji.

A few days ago I took to Twitter and asked people about a time they laughed so hard they cried.

Please tell me about a time you laughed so hard you cried (NOT FROM TV/MOVIES OR THE INTERNET. An irl situation) Thank you

I wanted people to share any story, even if they didn't think it would be funny to other people. When people make themselves laugh over the silly little things, it can be surprisingly hilarious.

even if it’s an inside joke and won’t be funny to anyone else - i still want to hear it. thank u

1. This one was a crowd favorite.

@GraceSpelman I worked at a butchers and another guy would pretend burgers didn't exist and make customers explain them to him

2. I wish this one was captured on video.

@GraceSpelman my dog would not stop trying to eat this one cookie that was on the floor and i yelled -he rolled on his back, peed in the air

3. "My sister and I were teaching a lifeguarding class and she tried to describe something as 'short' but at the last minute decided it was 'long' and ended up saying 'shlong' in front of the whole class. I peed a little and had to leave."

—Ellen M

4. Clueless little kid stories will always be funny.

@GraceSpelman i used to coach 6 yr old soccer. One of the kids mid-game took down his pants and did a shit in the middle of the field

5. Definitely a "you had to be there" story, but it's funny just to imagine someone laughing at something so simple.

@GraceSpelman I once saw a very large pickle just on the ground at a rest stop. I couldn't stop laughing for 20 mins

6. "One time we were playing celebrity and the name my friend drew was Michael Jackson.

"He tried to have his partner guess Michael Jackson by doing, hands down, the worst moonwalk impression i've ever seen. We all lost it and I started crying and choking from laughter." —Demi A

7. I got a lot of "old people farting" jokes. But this one was the best.

@GraceSpelman my grandpa had a Clapper on his bedroom light and he farted the lights off

8. You can't make this stuff up.

@GraceSpelman my friends & I were at dinner & at the EXACT moment my friend stood up a large ship's horn went off outside at the dock

9. Ah, family.

@GraceSpelman my dad said "you fat loser" to a stranger (who happened to be fat) because he thought the man was my uncle

10. Handled perfectly.

@GraceSpelman friend's prof was writing on the board. he farts. half turns towards the class and asks "what would you do if you were me?"


@GraceSpelman I once read a 12 y/o kid's essay about ancient Egypt where he just made everything up

12. N1CE

@GraceSpelman I got broken up with via numeric beeper message. Once I decoded it, I was pissed, then my friend and I laughed so hard,we peed

13. "One time my sister and I were hanging in my room and she was leaning against my dresser in a very big Calvin Klein sweatshirt, and suddenly she was like, 'It’s like weirdly hot in here!’

"And then I remembered that I had a candle on my dresser, and I was like, "Haha, what if you're on fire?" And she laughed and turned around and her sweatshirt was literally on fire and we both screamed and she started flailing around and I was completely useless because I was laughing and crying. She somehow put the fire out. Then she just had a little fist-sized hole in the back of her sweatshirt, which we still have." —Arianna Rebolini, BuzzFeed staff

14. Moms fart too, you guys.

@GraceSpelman my mom farted so loud she actually shook the bed.

15. You can't unhear it.

@GraceSpelman i spent an hour today doing Owen Wilson impressions with my little sister, literally only saying "wow!" back and forth.

16. "Playing catchphrase, my friend points to her crotch and yells 'Vagina!' and throws her arms out to the sides and yells 'Tree!'

"We completely lost it. Turns out the word we had to guess was 'pussy willow.'" —Flynn V

17. A story from a very supportive wife.

@GraceSpelman Also, one time my husband did an impression of JFK, but it was just him saying "chowda" with a Boston accent and I cried.

18. OK but this is genius.

@GraceSpelman husband & i were talking abt silly alternate names for things (i.e. umbrella=rain shield) he referred to teeth as 'food bones'

19. True love.

@GraceSpelman one time my boyfriend was talking about how he'd never do anything to hurt me and immediately dropped his phone on my eye

20. Ei-fell Tower. (I'm sorry.)

@GraceSpelman was in Paris with my family and my brother went to lean on a glass phone booth but he leaned into the open side & fell in


@GraceSpelman was on the beach & started running away from an out of control came down & clotheslined me @ the knees

22. You and I both know exactly how those fart noises were used in "Paper Planes."

@GraceSpelman my friends and I played a fart sound effects track over songs FOR HOURS & the best ones were Paper Planes and Tears in Heaven

23. This one made me laugh really hard.

@GraceSpelman I asked how we gonna hide the trash. "Dump it in the yard," she answered without blinking, hunched over like a gargoyle

24. "One time my sister meant to say 'breakfast sausage' but said 'morning sausage' instead and my entire family lost it."

—Kate P

25. It's science.

@GraceSpelman my boyfriend farted SO loud while we were showering & tried to explain how my shower having no right angles amplified the fart

26. Mom to the rescue.

@GraceSpelman She doesn't really connect with animals but could tell that it was overheated, so she just... poured... a water bottle on it?

27. "One time my friend sneeze-farted on the beach and I was laughing so hard at her that I laugh-farted approximately four seconds later."

—Maddy M

28. I don't care either! It's funny just knowing you laughed.

@GraceSpelman i literally don't even care that it's not funny to anyone else, i cried just typing that tweet out because it was so funny

29. Don't worry, the kitten is OK!

@GraceSpelman I was trying to take photos of my kitten while he slept curled up against me and I dropped my phone on him twice

See? Here's a picture of him just relaxing.

good morning, last night he fell asleep like this, so may your day be this relaxed and dgaf

30. It's funny to imagine someone stuck in a bathroom frantically screaming out numbers.

@GraceSpelman the door down, she started banging on the window shouting to strangers outside "IM STUCK IN MY BATHROOM" she did this for 4hrs

@GraceSpelman finally my other friend (her roommate)gets a call from a guy who says "hey some chick is screaming ur # out a bathroom window"

31. You do you, Sophia. I support you.

@GraceSpelman one time I turned off the light to go to bed and I whispered "looks like it's emotions o'clock" & I couldn't stop laughing

32. ...What the hell.

@GraceSpelman at this restaurant on a tiny island in Sweden the cover band played TWO avicii songs in a row and i lost my shit completely

33. If I was with you, I would have laughed too.

@GraceSpelman I had to switch cars I was crying so hard.

34. Nice.

@GraceSpelman I was at the mall when I was a teen in the food court and I accidentally squirted ketchup on a baby

Do you have a story about a time you laughed so hard you cried? Share it in the comments below!

You will probably make yourself laugh just by thinking about it. Isn't that great? It's like a free gift you can give yourself whenever you want.

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