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    24 Hilarious Tweets That Are Actually True Stories

    140. Characters. Can't. Stop. Laughing.

    Every so often, human beings will find themselves in very bizarre situations. Some of us go home and share those experiences with our friends. Then there are the brave heroes who share those moments with their followers, 140 characters at a time. Let's reflect:

    1. That time Benton got curved by someone he wasn't hitting on:

    So today I was lookin at a girl bcuz she had a piece of lettuce in her hair & she looks at me and said "I have a boyfriend" ok lettuce head

    2. When a text conversation with Taylor went very, very wrong:

    i was so high that i thought gpa meant grade point average and then i realized she meant her grandpa who is dead

    3. This memorable basketball game:

    Last time I hooped in Moore Gym I was guarding a dude with no socks on and he did a spin move and a smashed Mcdouble fell out his pocket.

    4. Who could forget this adorable elementary school tale?

    when i was 7 i had a crush on a girl in my class & didnt know how to deal w it so I wrote her a letter that just said "get out of my school"

    5. When this happy accident made a dad feel fabulous:

    i bought a phone case online but didnt realize it was for a 6 plus so i gave it to my dad he loves it

    6. I just... I can't. I have no words:

    7. This very, very puzzling but well-meant incident:

    One time I saw a video of a guy holding up a sign that said "I love you Stevie" at a Stevie Wonder concert. I think about this a lot.

    8. Or this story, which might be the most embarrassing story in the entire world:


    9. How about this adorable baby genius?

    My 3 y/o daughter made her first pun today and I almost cried. She was eating an apple I asked her if she liked apples she said apple-lutely

    10. This is one of those "it's funny because you find it so funny" stories:

    I started crying in the dining hall because I was laughing so hard after remembering Scooby Doo's real name is "Sco…

    11. I promise that once you close your eyes and picture this actually happening β€” it becomes funny:

    A few summers ago I stopped at some kids' lemonade stand. As I took a sip, the youngest boy stuck his whole arm in the pitcher and stirred.

    12. This tale of a very literal boyfriend:

    my boyfriend asked me what i wanted to eat & i said i don't know & this what he brings me. πŸ™„

    13. In this tweet we learned "fart" is not a swear in God's eyes:

    one time i was on a bus and a woman carrying a bible banged her elbow really hard and yelled fart instead of fuck

    14. Listen, I don't know why this is so funny but I'm laughing:

    did i ever tell you guys about the time we asked our HS teacher what he'd name a racehorse, & he said, w/out hesitation, "santa's boyfriend"

    15. When we saw an extremely sweet interaction between siblings:

    I just screamed "I hate myself" and 2 minutes later I hear my little brother sliding this note under my door

    16. The time Mike told us a tale of two strangers at the movies:

    A trailer in a movie theater ended with "November 20th" and a guy loudly said, "thats my birthday" and a random guy said "happy birthday"

    17. When Chris also witnessed a beautiful interaction at the movie theater:

    At the beginning of The Revenant a guy in the theater yelled "When is this supposed to take place?" and another guy yelled back "The 1800s"

    18. That time a mom was

    One time my mom dropped her phone while she was talking to me then picked it up and said "You OK?"

    19. Another extremely mom moment:

    The second thing my mom made me do was watch the Adele Hello video with her. She kept saying "it's about a murder".

    20. This memorable night:

    one time i saw a cute girl so i tied a balloon to her so i could find her later when i was brave enough to say hi

    21. The time we all met our new hero:

    Just met this girl running in a banana suit down 17th street. She said it "makes running more fun." Lol πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸƒπŸ»πŸŒ

    22. When we all learned the new official word for "knife":

    My 4-year-old didn't know what the meat thermometer was called so she said "time knife" which is now what I'll call it until the day I die

    23. When the good Lord above showed us what petty looked like:

    Dawg my husband asked me to go to church with him this morning and I said no. He made breakfast for himself and my…

    24. The time we watched this dog glow up and become its best self:

    My mom just RUINED my dog and she literally said "he wanted to keep it long on the top" I am devastated

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