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    20 Witty Tweets About Remembering The '90s That Will Make You Laugh

    REMEMBER THE '90s????? REMEMBER?????


    Thirteen 90s Nickelodeon Shows You Won't Believe You Forgot. pPlease. Please Click They Have My Daughter


    ONLY 90'S KIDS WILL GET THIS: A dismal end to earth's natural resources by the time they're 45


    *Lies in bed crying* "Honey what's wrong?" *Sniff* I just..I just wonder if the 90's remembers me, too.


    Only 90 kids will remember this! Not 90's kids, 90 kids. There are 90 children who experienced this. Forever seared into their minds.


    Only 90's kids will remember this! Not even 80's or 70's kids will remember. They're gone. Everyone else is gone. Only 90's kids remain.


    COMEDIAN: "Remember the 90's?" [guy that was in a coma throughout the 90's, but doesn't want to ruin the show] Oh, for sure!


    Only 90s kids will remember this! *enjoys something without documenting it on social media*


    real 90's kids do not remember anything about the 90's because we were dumb toddlers with brains that were small and focused on crayons.


    only 90's kids will remember that time we all went in the woods and promised the witch all that unspoil't blood in exchange for eternal life


    things 90s boys remember: vision of themselves in the future being violently ripped apart by unknown energy. that board game thats in a mall


    *hides 90 limited editiom golden tickets to wily wonka's chocolate factorey inside 90 retro candy bars* *winks* only 90 kids wil get this


    ONLY 90'S KIDS WILL REMEMBER THIS *plays slow montage of images of relative economic prosperity and a time when you didn't hate your life*


    You Know You're A 90's Kid If You Remember A Less Bloody and Treacherous World


    Hey 90's kids- you know who else remembers things only 90's kids remember? 70's & 80's kids


    Only [18]90's kids remember this! *composes a full 5 movement orchestral symphony*


    Remember WonderBalls? Hello do you remember 90's ? Do you remember the first death you witnessed? Do you remember your soul turning black?


    NASA proposes a satellite that travels deep into space and keeps repeating the phrase "REMEMBER THE 90'S" in various codes and languages.


    *turns phone display on under chin so her face lights up* do you guys.... remember the 90's


    Only TRUE 90’s Kids Can Hear This Frequency [plays Brown Note over Skip-It commercial]


    ONLY 90’S KIDS WILL GET THIS: crippling debt and ceaseless unemployment

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