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40 Suggestions For Posh Spice's Replacement In The Spice Girls Reunion

Who will be the new fifth Spice?

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On August 6th, the Daily Mail reported the Spice Girls would be reuniting for a 20th anniversary world tour without Victoria Beckham, stating Beckham "will sit the trek out, deciding to focus on her ever-expanding global fashion brand instead."

1. Pumpkin Spice

2. Disney Princess Spice

3. Recession Spice

4. Comments Section Spice

5. Hologram of Posh Spice Spice

6. 1% Spice

7. #GamerSpice

8. Startup Spice

9. Goth Spice

10. Healthgoth Spice

11. Banksy Spice

12. Which Spice Girl Are You? Spice

13. Insta Spice 13a. X Pro II Spice

14. Old Spice

15. If You're Reading This, It's Too Spice Spice

16. Doxx Spice

17. WikiSpice

18. Rando Spice

19. Problematic Spice

20. Alt Spice

21. Poetry Spice

22. Vintage Spice

23. Blog Spice

24. Troll Spice

25. Furry Spice

26. Clickbait Spice

27. Same Spice

28. Dubstep Spice

29. @Spice

30. Viral Spice

31. Spice Cube

32. Kevin Smith Huge Jorts Spice

33. Yuppie Spice

34. Privilege Spice

35. Dadbod Spice

36. Literal Spice

37. 2020 Olympics Spice

38. Kony Spice

39. #Actually Spice

40. .Gif Spice

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