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    20 People Who Are Very Confused About What "No Makeup" Looks Like

    Oh my god.

    1. This guy, who thinks some human beings were born with natural smoky eye.

    2. This guy who probably got thrown off by the word "natural."

    3. These people who think you're either wearing a lot of makeup or none at all.

    4. This person, who isn't "weird" so much as "clueless."

    5. Tony, who is confusing "natural" with "cat eye."

    6. This person is kidding, right?

    7. This person who lives in a bizarro universe where celebrities don't wear makeup at film premieres.

    8. This guy seriously thinks Carmen Electra wouldn't wear an ounce of makeup at a photoshoot.

    9. This person who doesn't know what "minimal makeup" is.

    10. This guy who hasn't read the bottom of this picture, where it literally lists what makeup she's wearing.

    11. Another person who doesn't quite understand the concept of "minimal makeup."

    12. This person who has confused "saturation" with "makeup."

    13. More people who are absolutely sure Kendall Jenner isn't wearing any makeup.

    14. This /r/cluelessgentleman.

    15. Is this person looking at the same picture we are?

    16. This person must be looking at a different picture than we are because Eloise looks rockin', but she's wearing makeup.

    17. I think this person was thrown off by Emma's short hair.

    18. LOL.

    19. Oh, c'mon.

    20. These people are serious.

    And, as a bonus, this Reddit user, who gives us a good idea as to everything that goes into a "no-makeup" look like Swift's.