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This Guy's Tweet To A Female Cyclist Is The Ultimate In Mansplaining

How many calories does unsolicited advice burn?

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On Sunday, Annemiek van Vleuten of the Netherlands suffered a severe crash while competing in the women's Olympics cycling road race.

Bryn Lennon / AP

A few hours after the crash, van Vleuten sent off a tweet with an update on her condition:

I am now in the hospital with some injuries and fractures, but will be fine. Most of all super disappointed after best race of my career.

Followed by heartwarming messages of encouragement from fans:

Wait a second. What's this?!

Ingram Publishing / Getty Images

Ladies and gentleman, I don't believe it! It appears a man is barreling over hurdles to give unsolicited advice!!

You're seeing it here first, folks. This man is giving an Olympic cyclist helpful tips on how to ride a bicycle!

Ingram Publishing / Getty Images

This man does NOT care that Annemiek van Vleuten was on her way to becoming the literal best cyclist in the entire world. He's still going for the gold!

The crowd is going wild!!!!!

Stockbyte / Getty Images

And the gold medal for mansplaining goes to @MartinArielB!

Ljupco / Getty Images

And today in 'Men on the Internet' this helpful guy mansplains cycling to an Olympic athlete

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