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    Posted on Jul 22, 2016

    21 Tweets About Going To The Movies That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

    Special talents: eating popcorn.


    At the beginning of The Revenant a guy in the theater yelled "When is this supposed to take place?" and another guy yelled back "The 1800s"


    Cut the shit, people who think I'm going to share my arm rest at the movie theater.


    Those who applaud in the theater at the end of a movie are what's wrong with America.


    I got my first period during Shrek 2 live in theaters which means I entered Shrek 2 a child & left a woman


    shuffling slowly out of the movie theater is part of the experience guys. i do it even if the theater is empty


    A trailer in a movie theater ended with "November 20th" and a guy loudly said, "thats my birthday" and a random guy said "happy birthday"


    [movie theater] TRAILER ANNOUNCER: how far will one man protect what he loves ME: [turning to person behind me] pretty far i bet


    Me sneaking snacks in the movies like


    [sneaks a puppy out of a paper bag at the movie theater] u want one bro


    [sneaks bowl of cereal into movie theater and makes eye contact with girl who snuck carton of milk in] hello


    I used to not clap after the movies until I found out that all the actors can see and hear every theater showing of movies they're in


    MISSED CONNECTION: we were at the movie theatre watching "Taken"& I was the guy who kept yelling "this movie has Taken my heart" every 5mins


    [me and date both put our arms on armrest at same time while at movies] you can have it "you sure?" yes *rests arm on top of hers*


    Haven't felt superior lately. Guess I'll hang out at the movie theater & ask everyone in line if they've read the book.


    No thanks, 3-D movies; if I wanted to see frightening shit all around me, I'd just leave the house.


    MISSED CONNECTION: i was the guy in the star wars theater yelling "FAKE!!!" during every scene. you hit me with a hammer


    the price of a popcorn & soda at target: $1.99 the price of a popcorn & soda at the movies: an entire month’s rent and ur first born child


    Can someone explain to me the movie-trailer cliché where someone falls down and shouts “I’m okay!”. I kind of want them to not be ok.


    *in theater* *movie begins, opening credits appear* *turn to complete stranger* "What font is that do you think?"


    when you're at the movies and someone has to walk in front of you in the aisle


    job interview "so do you have any special talents?" me: I can eat all my movie theater popcorn before the previews even start.

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