18 Kinda Weird Photos That Will Make You Say "Me"

    We've all been here before.

    1. When the dentist asks if you've been flossing and you have to tell him the truth:

    2. When you've eaten too much salad:

    3. When you're the only person you can count on:

    4. When you're too lazy to do your laundry but you don't have any clothes left:

    5. When you and your friends hear someone talking shit:

    6. When you can't seem to take a good selfie:

    7. When someone offers you seafood but forgets that both of your parents are lobsters:

    8. When your mom is trying to get you up in the morning:

    9. When the party gets boring and you need to leave:

    10. When you're getting ready for a night on the town:

    11. When allergy season rolls around:

    12. When Dad takes you on one last walk around the block before he leaves for space forever:

    13. When you're so glad Dad is home because now he can finally kill the spider that's in the basement:

    14. When you're sad about your life going nowhere and your friend who looks like you only less sad decides to cheer you up:

    15. When Mom says you can't leave the house without taking a shower first:

    16. When you're honestly just so fucking hungry:

    17. When the rival cheerleading squad decides to take their routine up a notch:

    18. When you send a text and immediately regret it afterward: