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    Sep 29, 2015

    15 Things People Who Talk To Themselves Will Understand

    No, I wasn't talking to you.

    1. Always, always saying: "Oh, sorry, no. I was just talking to myself."

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    2. Giving your reflection pump-up speeches before work, school, or any social event.


    3. Wearing headphones and pretending to be on the phone so you can talk to yourself as much as you want.


    4. Not having headphones and looking like a total weirdo in public.


    5. The joy that is talking to yourself while you're alone in the car (but pretending to have a conversation on speakerphone).

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    6. Never reading menus silently.


    "Hmmm...sirloin steak. Am I that hungry? Would I eat all of it?"

    "Okay, now, the grilled chicken salad, that looks good."

    "Gosh, I haven't had lobster in such a long time."

    7. Going to the movies and saying something after every trailer during the previews.


    "Oooh I want to go see that!"

    8. When you have something you need to remember so you repeat it out loud to yourself.


    9. Talking to yourself while you watch a movie alone.

    Jim Henson

    "OH MY GOD!!!"

    "Well, that's what you get for walking into a scary house."

    "I bet she dies first. Calling it right now."

    10. Trying not to talk to yourself when you're around a new friend.

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    You don't want to scare them off.

    11. And then letting it loose once you get comfortable with them.

    Jim Henson

    12. When your good friends know to not even ask, "Are you talking to me?" because they know you are probably talking to yourself.

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    13. Having good friends who will be the first to stick up for your self-talking ways

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    "They're not crazy! They're just...eccentric."

    14. Talking to yourself, realizing you're talking to yourself, and then talking out loud about how you're talking to yourself.


    15. And basically never being bored.


    Because there's always someone there to talk to!

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