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14 Scary Movies That Just Got Scarier

Prepare to be TRULY terrified.

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1. The Shining And Greasy Face You Have In All The Pictures From Last Night

2. Rosemary's UTI

3. The Birds Are Way Too Loud For This Hangover I Have Right Now

4. The Cabin In The Woods That We're All Going To After Graduation This Summer And You Should Totally Come!

5. The Ring She Won't Stop Taking Pictures Of


6. Friday, The 13th One In A Row You're Spending Alone On The Couch

7. Scream, Because The Music In This Bar Is Way Too Loud

8. The Beetlejuice Cleanse

9. Drag Me To Your Improv Show

10. Little Shop Of Artisanal Succulents


11. When A Stranger Leaves a Voicemail

12. The Fall Of The Career Of Usher

13. I Know What You Did Last Summer Because You Uploaded So Many Pictures

14. Roz