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13 Tweets That Will Make You Say "Me Watching Gymnastics"

We don't know what we're talking about.

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me: clueless about gymnastics me watchin the olympics: devastating double tuck, she simply cannot afford to make these errors. 12.25 at best


*watching Olympic gymnastics* Me: "that was incredible!" Announcer: "yet another fatal mistake for this Olympian"


*watching olympic men's gymnastics* Me: Wow, that was really good! Announcer: Big mistake. That's definitely going to cost him. Me: Ohhhhhh


*gymnast does a triple-double ultra-spin backflip-frontflip but takes a tiny step when she lands* ME: [mouthful of Pringles] what a loser


Me: "Holy shit that was dope she did like 5 flips." Commentator: "She's definitely going to face a deduction there."


me [watching gymnastics]: YO THAT WAS SICK analyst: that was a little crooked. that will cost her.


*me watching Olympic gymnastics* "Jesus Christ that was epic how tf him do that" Commentator: "oh that was dreadful he must be disappointed"


me watching the Olympics: "woah, that was amazing!" commentator: "ooooh, another horrible mistake there."


Me watching Olympic gymnasts: "um he can't even land on two feet?" Me every day: *annoyed that I have to get out of this chair to eat lunch*


Me watching the Olympics: "Oooh, poor form dismount off those parallel bars, big mistake" Me in real life: *falls going up stairs*


Olympic commentator: Ooh she was a millimeter off. What a piece of shit garbage person. Me: (eating a stick of butter) Piece of shit.


My dad watching gymnastics: "I used to be able to do that." Me: "a handspring?" Dad: "no but I could run"

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