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The Definitive Ranking Of Björk Albums

This is definitely the universal objective ranking for sure.

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9. Volta


I'll be the first to admit that Volta was kind of a let down for us Björk fans. I mean, with albums like Vespertine and Medúlla right before it you wonder what happened. Was it the boat? Did the boat do this, Björk? I don't really like this album. The first four tracks aren't terrible, but then things start to get uncomfortable and the only other track on the album I like is "Vertebrae by Vertebrae". I saw Björk live for the Volta tour and it kicked ass then but she didn't play the whole thing and I think that's the key.

8. Selmasongs


If I was gonna choose an original soundtrack, this is my pick. But as a Björk album it's lacking the personal nature for me. Selmasongs is about Selma, played by Björk in Lars von Trier's 2000 film Dancer in the Dark. It is the tragic story of a tragic character, but it's not real, you know? It still means something though and especially did when I was a teenager crying my eyes out to "New World".

7. Debut


Where it all started... Actually no, because Björk has been in the music industry since her first release in 1977 when she was 12. But Debut is where she really went out on her own for the first time after 15 years in Icelandic punk bands. Debut is significant in music history and it has some absolute gems like "Big Time Sensuality", yet it's surprisingly not a fan favourite and sometimes considered to not have aged well. But the fact that it is low on the list only shows that Björk just got more awesome.

6. Post


Post is a classic. Of all the people I know that like Björk but don't consider themselves actual fans, Post is the album they go for. It's the closest thing to a crowd pleaser Björk's got. Now, my favourite song of all time is on here -- "Hyperballad" -- but I rarely listen to the whole album. And yet Post definitely has its special moments and it's probably one of the best sophomore albums of all time.

5. Biophilia


I'm gonna go out on a limb here and put Biophilia next. This album is a grand achievement in so many ways. I simply love Björk's ambition. I was lucky enough to see the original Biophilia show at Manchester Festival back in 2011 before the album was released and it was the most magical show I've attended (until I see Vulnicura live I'm sure). The magnitude of this entire project -- the album, the apps, the shows, the education initiative -- I just find the whole thing fabulous. Plus I can't go past that wig.

4. Homogenic


Homogenic holds a special place in my heart for its sheer weirdness. You gotta admit it has some of the more out-there songs that have made it to a Björk album. "Pluto", amirite? But Homogenic is an important step in the Björk journey and if I recall correctly from my days on the 4um, it's a heavy fan favourite. The strings and beats combination began here and Björk has only perfected it since.

3. Medúlla


I probably wouldn't have put Medúlla so high in the past, but I look on it now with fresh eyes after rediscovering Björk's recent past. This last decade has been a bit of a game changing one for her and what I respect about Medúlla is its unflinching femininity. It is the mother album.

2. Vulnicura


This album is the antithesis to Vespertine. I do not think you will be able to listen to one without recalling the other from now on. The story that began in 2001 (or thereabouts) has come to a close with 2015's Vulnicura. It is Björk at her most raw and it is stunning.

1. Vespertine


Where Vulnicura is Björk's "heartbreak album", Vespertine is where the romance began. Sadly, we now know that's all over but it does not diminish the beauty described here. Björk made this album out of microbeats which took her 3 years to record and collect. Vespertine is unique in its quiet, humble observations of love, life and domesticity. Now go to your hidden place and listen to it!

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