17 Pressing Questions About Pixar’s “Ratatouille”

We need answers!

1. How does Remy know so much about food?

Pixar / Via weheartit.com

I know that he watches Gusteau’s show and reads his book, but he’s practically expert level from the get-go. How?!

2. Why does Remy’s father make car analogies?


He’s a rat! Does he even know how to drive a car?

3. Why does the old lady shoot her house to pieces?

Overkill, don’t you think?

4. Why does the rats’ escape plan involve boats?



5. Why does Remy care so much about how the restaurant is running?


Seriously, Remy, take a chill pill.

6. How did Linguini become so awkward?

He’s the most awkward person of all time. How did he manage to get a girl like Colette?

7. Why do only some of the characters have French accents?

Pixar / Via giphy.com

And why is one of those characters voiced by John Ratzenberger?

8. Why can Remy control Linguini with his… hair?

Is it all of his hair or specific strands? How does Remy know which hairs are the arms and which are the legs?

9. How did Remy get so smug?

He was smug even before Paris became “his” town.

10. How does the lawyer conveniently find Gusteau’s hair in his hat?


It’s just been sitting in that hat waiting all that time?

11. Why does Linguini question why the dish is called “ratatouille?”

Isn’t ratatouille a French word?

12. Why is the transfer of ownership of the restaurant so seamless?


Pretty much no one on the staff has the qualifications for running a business.

13. How long are the customers waiting for their meal in the final act of the film?


With all that was happening back in the kitchen, the diners must have been waiting forever. Surely that would give them some negative reviews.

14. How do the rats know how to cook?


There are hundreds of them. Remy can’t give them all directions. Are they following recipes? Can they all read now?

15. Why didn’t they lie and say Colette cooked the meal?


Did Ego need to know it was made by a rat? Would he have written the same review if he found out when the health inspector was released like the rest of the public?

16. Why did Anton Ego throw away his career and reputation for some ratatouille made by a rat?

Was it worth it, Ego?

17. How did the original creator even come up with this idea?

If we can agree on anything, we can surely agree that Ratatouille is a very strange movie.

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