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23 Best Gilmore Girl Episodes Ever

As per a certified Gilmore Girls fan-for-life and expert

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23. 6.5 We've Got Magic to Do

As much as we all hated Emily sometimes, she proved her badassness when she owned Sheera Huntzberger, Logan's mom, and told off the snooty bitch. In only a few words Emily managed to call Sheera a fat redneck golddigger and demand that the phoney back off from Rory and Logan. It was great revenge and made us all love Emily a little bit.

22. 1.6 Rory's Birthday Parties

We got to see a lot of the complexities in Lorelai-Emily relationship in this classic episode. Not only did the world's most screwed up mother-daughter team have an epic fight, but we also got to see a little bit of the hidden vulnerability in both women. Plus, the second birthday party in Stars Hollow rocked.

21. 6.19 I Get a Sidekick Out of You

While this episode had its sad moments, like Lorelai's drunken speech, it was fantastic to see Lane and Zach get married in a wedding that was all them. Plus, the wedding night talk Mrs. Kim gave Lane was disturbingly awesome on every level.

20. 1.15 Christopher Returns

Can you say, yikes? In what I'm sure proved to fans early on that Gilmore Girls could be just as intense as it was funny, this explosive episode saw the family fight to end all fights and exposed just how messed up Lorelai and Christopher's relationship was.

19. 5.8 The Party's Over

Gilmore Girls hit a bit of a slump the beginning of season five, and I think primarily because of the rekindled relationship between Dean and Rory. But when Richard and Emily secretly threw a matchmaking party for Rory and the super sexy Logan saved her, we finally got to see the end of the awkward Rory and Dean romance. And Colin and Finn were funny as hell.

18. 2.9 Run Away, Little Boy

Not only was this episode great for the hilariously awkward encounter between Lorelai and her casual date Paul at Luke's, but the Paris-directed Romeo and Juliet scene was priceless. Partly because of Paris' dictatorial frankness and partly because of the tense exchanges between Dean and Tristan. Oh, we missed Tristan.

17. 6.7 Twenty-one Is the Loneliest Number

While it sucked to watch Rory and Lorelai maneuver through the horrible period that was their separation, it was awesome to see Richard and Emily attempt to use a pastor to convince Rory to wait till marriage. Plus, everyone loves Gilmore party episodes.

16. 4.18 Tick, Tick, Tick, Boom!

Lorelai's foolish decision to not only date Jason Styles but also keep it from her parents blew up in everyone's face when Jason's dad revealed he was suing Richard and had been spying on Jason. Another classic family drama episode that had repercussions for a long time.

15. 2.3 Red Light On the Wedding Night

Oh, the moment when Lorelai screwed over poor Max and stood him up at their own wedding. We were all secretly relieved when Lorelai ran out on the nice teacher and I have to admit it was fun to watch the trainwreck that led up to it, such as the bachelorette party where Emily showed up to drink with drag queens. Plus, it's always fun to watch Michele dance.

14. 5.3 Written In the Stars

How long did we wait to see Luke and Lorelai get together? And when Luke took Lorelai to his own "Luke's" and gave her the horoscope that he had been keeping in his wallet for eight years, our hearts sang. SOULMATES!!!!!

13. 5.10 But Not As Cute As Pushkin

Rory's decision to show the Chilton student Anna around Yale ended up resulting in one of the funniest moments ever on Gilmore Girls. I'm talking about the moment when Logan and Finn ran in on Rory's class and put on the best show ever. We miss you, Logan!

12. 4.21 Last Week Fights, This Week Tights

Not only did we get to witness Liz and T.J.'s glorious Renaissance-themed wedding, but we also got to see Luke finally pursue Lorelai. The dance? It made up for that poor choice of dress that Lorelai wore.

11. 2.13 A-Tisket, A-Tasket

Poor Dean. He knew his end was coming when Jess outbid him for Rory's nasty basket just so he could have a moment with his crush. We all knew it was coming too and while we felt bad for Dean, it was fun to watch.

10. 3.22 Those Are Strings, Pinocchio

Rory's graduation from Chilton was memorable for many reasons. Rory gave a heartfelt ode to her beloved mom, Jess made his exit from the show (for awhile), and Brad gave his own beautiful ode to Chilton via song. "Cherish the word I use to describe..."

9. 1.9 Rory's Dance

Oh, the trainwreck that was Rory's dance. Between Tristan and Dean's epic fight which revealed just how much Tristan liked Rory, and Lorelai and Emily's explosive fight the morning after when they realized Rory wasn't there, s*** went down.

8. 2.22 I Can't Get Started

A confusing mess of love for both of the Gilmore Girls. While Rory finally acknowledged her feelings for the returned Jess with a stolen kiss, Lorelai watched her chance with Christopher slip away when he realized his girlfriend was pregnant. One of Lauren Graham's best moments. And all while Sookie and Jackson got married!

7. 2.16 There's the Rub

While it was awesome to watch Lorelai and Emily attempt to bond at a horrid spa and then afterward at a 40-60 bar, it was more awesome to see Dean freak out when he realized Jess and Rory were hanging out. And all Rory had wanted to do was eat Indian food and do her laundry...

6. 3.1 Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days

Drama, drama, drama. After Lorelai had her weird dream where she was carrying Luke's twins, Rory returned from D.C. still with her Jess-crush intact and freaked out when he had moved on. Then the Gilmores found out about Christopher and Lorelai and Paris got her first date. Summer days are not lazy but they are crazy.

5. 1.17 The Breakup: Part 2

Yeah, Rory, it must be hard to kiss the gorgeous Chad Michael Murray. After Rory and Dean broke up, the youngest Gilmore refused to wallow and tried to ignore her pain with a Chilton party where she ended up kissing Tristan. Plus, Luke and Dean had a fight and Lorelai stupidly hooked up again with Max. We love the Gilmore Girls, even if their romantic decisions drive us nuts.

4. 5.13 Wedding Bell Blues

As much as we all love the witty banter moments that make Gilmore Girls, the episodes where things erupt are even better. When Richard and Emily decided to renew their vows in a lavish ceremony, we finally got to see Logan and Rory hook up, and watch Christopher freak out over Luke. The downside: Luke and Lorelai breaking up. But the drama was juicy.

3. 4.22 Raincoats and Recipes

Oh, Rory.... The opening of the Dragofly saw a lot of s*** go down. While we cheered at the moment when Luke and Lorelai finally kissed, we watched in horror as Rory lost her virginity to the married Dean. And then Lorelai caught them. It almost made us forget Kirk's naked night terror.

2. 3.19 Keg! Max!

Best Gilmore Girls ending ever. At Max's party where Hep Alien showcased their music and Lane got drunk, Jess and Rory ended up fighting when Rory said no to sex. Which resulted in one of the best fights ever on TV, the fight between Jess and Dean. It must be hard to watch two hot guys pummel each other over you.

1. 3.7 They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They?

The fabulous 24-hour dance-a-thon saw Kirk parading around the gym, holding up his trophy to the Rocky theme song. But even better, watching Dean finally freak out and break up with Rory when he realized she was in love with Jess. Oh, the glory that was the Jess-Dean-Rory triangle. At least Lorelai was there to comfort...

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