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    6 "Mean Girls" And "Sex Education" Parallels You May Have Missed

    That is so fetch.

    It was January 2019 when Netflix blessed us with Sex Education. The first season was a massive success because it's a perfect blend of comedy, drama, and education, hence the title of the series. Sex Education was renewed for a second season, which hit Netflix in January 2020.

    The second season was more packed with drama and heartwarming content. Yes, I am talking about the bus scene. But I couldn't help but notice that the second season shares similarities with the movie Mean Girls— aka, the backbone of pop culture.

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    So, here are some similarities between Sex Education Season 2 and Mean Girls!

    1. Sex Education: Headmaster Groff distributed copies of Dr. Jean's confidential notes in the hallway, causing animosity amongst the students.

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    In an attempt to ruin Dr. Jean's credibility and reputation as the sex counselor at Moordale High, Headmaster Groff steals her notes from Otis's locker and secretly distributes copies of the private notes in the hallway, which embarrassed all of Dr. Jean's patients. We agree that he could've handled the matter more maturely, instead of pulling a Regina George.

    Mean Girls: Similarly, Regina George distributed pages from the once-confidential Burn Book.

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    Regina George invented pettiness when she included herself in the Burn Book before coping and distributing the pages in the hallway to frame Cady, Karen, and Gretchen, who were the only ones not mentioned in the book.

    2. Sex Education: The girls were sent to detention to bond with each other as punishment.

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    Someone was creating some not-so-nice graffiti around school about Miss Sands, so she gathered six suspects and asked them to figure out what unites them as females. Maeve, Aimee, Ola, Lily, Viv, and Olivia learn that they all experienced unwanted sexual advances. Although all six girls are very different from one another, this moment allowed them to bond, and they all helped Aimee to deal with her anxiety and use the bus again.

    Mean Girls: Every female student had to gather in the gym for one, giant detention.

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    In Mean Girls, the copies of the Burn Book started a school-wide brawl. Ms. Norbury asks all the junior girls to gather in the gymnasium so they could understand that spreading rumors is wrong. She also made them apologize to one another.

    3. Sex Education: Miss Sands fell victim to bullying from students.

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    Someone began writing awful things on the school's walls about Miss Sands after reading Dr. Jean's notes, which of course upset her a lot.

    Mean Girls: Ms. Norbury was dubbed a "pusher" in the Burn Book.

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    Ms. Norbury was also a victim of bullying. Cady claimed that she is a drug dealer in the Burn Book, which got Ms. Norbury into trouble. Cady came clean after confessing that it was a lie.

    4. Sex Education: Miss Sands pushed Maeve to be part of the quiz team.


    We can all agree that Miss Sands is Maeve's number one supporter. She knows that Maeve has great potential to succeed — unlike Headmaster Groff, who solely thinks she's a troublemaker. That's why Miss Sands pushed Maeve into taking part in the quiz competition, and her team, the Quiz Heads, won!

    Mean Girls: Ms. Norbury encouraged Cady to join the Mathletes.

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    After learning to set her priorities straight (and after getting grounded), Cady took part in the math competition and won the state championship.

    5. Sex Education: Otis threw what was supposed to be a small house party that got out of hand.

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    Otis decided to organize a small gathering to prove that he is capable of socializing and being spontaneous. Dr. Jean agreed to leave him the house. However, the party got out of control when a lot of people showed up to the party. Also, Otis got drunk and embarrassed himself.

    Mean Girls: Cady threw what was supposed to be a small house party that got out of hand.

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    Just like Otis, the same happened with Cady! She invited a few people at her get-together, and the entire school showed up (remember when she asked, "so I got enough cheese and crackers for eight people. Do you think that's enough?"). The night also ended in a disaster when she had a fight with Janis and Damien.

    And finally...

    6. Sex Education: When the students are taught about sex education and it was extremely uncomfortable — and often inaccurate.

    And Mean Girls: When the students are taught about sex education and it was extremely uncomfortable — and often inaccurate.

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    Were there any parallels between the two that we missed on this list? Share them in the comments below!