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Which Vatican House Gal Are You???

The hottest quiz of 2016 just dropped

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  1. What name would you choose for your firstborn son?

    Deuteronomy Steve
    Parmigiano Reggiano
  2. Pick a food that you can't live without

    Plantain Chips
    Various Meatses
    Fast Food
  3. Which Disney character are you?

    Friar Tuck (from Robin Hood)
    Violet (from the Incredibles)
    Kuzco (from the Emperor's New Groove)
    Kokoum (from Pocahontas)
    Mowgli (from the Jungle Book)
  4. Ideal job after college?

    Future Chancellor of NCSU
    A Trucker
    Family dog for an upper class family
    Beach babe
    Pro Greeting Card Writer
    DJ (Khaled)
    Business Business
    Monkey Business
  5. Dream city to live in?

    The Peak of Good Living (Apex, NC)
    Hazelton, PA
    The Gold Coast, Australia
    Washington D.C.
  6. Beverage of choice?

    La Croix *cringes*
    Can I drink eggs?
    Blandy bland water
    Sweet Tea
  7. Your idea of the perfect date

    Bug catching downtown!!! Followed by a hot dog at Snoopy's
    Picnic catered by Chick-fil-a, followed by a spikeball match and a cookout milkshake
    Going on a couples photoshoot among cedar trees, followed by drinks at an eclectic roman teahouse
    Ice skating with miniature animals wearing smaller, but still sturdy, ice skates. Followed by soup in a bread bowl with two spoons (romance) and watching Harry Potter
    Going on a long walk followed by cuddles and coffee while stargazing in Oklahoma and listening to Sufjan Stevens
    Completing a home improvement project wearing couples overalls, followed by drinks on top of a water tower
    A good study sesh in Nelson Hall, followed by watching the Cubs game at a sports bar. If you wear gym shorts, the date's off
    Watching the sunset on an island after a long day of surfing, both clad in matching puka shell necklaces
  8. What's your life motto?

    Why I oughtta!!!
    "My life motto? Gimme a second I have a couple..."
    Eat. Sleep. Gym. Repeat.
    I can fix that
    Eat Mor Chikin
    I just need to go rot in my bed for a few minutes
    I don't wanna be a creepster! #AwkoTaco
    A puzzle a day keeps the doctor away
  9. Favorite Holiday?

    National Christmas Tree Day
    Cow Appreciation Day (every day, right?)
    Take your Cocker Spaniel to Work Day
    Fedora Fridays!
    Australian Independence Day
    Boycott Christopher Columbus Day in Favor of Honoring My Native American Heritage
  10. Celeb crush???? (If you're a guy, pick the celeb you identify most with)

    Rory Bergen
    Inigo Montoya
    Tim Riggins (Friday Night Lights)
    Cody (Suite Life of Zack and Cody)
    Captain Jack Sparrow
    Andy Dwyer (Parks and Rec)
    Idk I don't really watch movies???
    Captain Kirk from Star Trek

Which Vatican House Gal Are You???

You got: Gracen Humphrey

You got GRA. You love baguettes and cider, and small animals are precious gems in your heart. You can be found rotting away in your bed while watching Harry Potter at any given second of any given day. Good luck finding a job!

Gracen Humphrey
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You got: Julie Thompson

You got JULES! You love a good construction project and are always up for an adventure, and drinking sweet tea on a front porch in Apex is where we see you in 10 years! Fingers crossed your future husband drives a rly big truck!!!

Julie Thompson
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You got: Peyton Holmquist

You got PEY! Chick-fil-A isn't a restaurant to you, it's a lifestyle. You're always up for a game of spikeball, or any game really. Someone wants dinner? You'll cook for them and beat them at boggle at the same time.

Peyton Holmquist
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You got: Jamie Wertz

You got JAM! You like the finer things in life, and a good forest-scented candle can really speak to you. NYC is calling you home, and when it does you'll show up in a dress suit, carrying your leftover chipotle, ready to take on the business world.

Jamie Wertz
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You got: Annie Grant

You got ANN! If you got this result, get off the computer because you're a cocker spaniel and shouldn't be using the internet! Silly dog! Go back to Oklahoma and finish that puzzle you started last year, ya mangy mutt! For the pup that you are, you're an honest one... they call you "the ole do-gooder", and you love to cuddle up with your master on a Saturday night <3

Annie Grant
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You got: Jade Janes

You got JADE! Did you all know that Jade's real name is Kasey? Because most of the time, we forget. If you got Jade, hop aboard the next shuttle headed to the Star Trek Starship, and grab a bottle of liquor and a handful of mints. Just don't forget your Fedora!

Jade Janes
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You got: Devon Gerenza

You got DEV! You like your eggs over easy, and your beats by Yeezy. Half of your heart will always belong to Hazelton, PA, and the other half will be filled by various Italian cheeses. Now go out there and catch some butterflies, kid!

Devon Gerenza
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You got: Rory Bergen

You got RORY! don't live here, but you're perfect, and are considered the beloved Vatican Sweetheart. Now go catch that wave, dude

Rory Bergen
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