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    21 Reasons Being An Auntie Is The Best Gig Ever

    It's basically an endless train of candy floss and compliments.

    1. Whether you've been #blessed with a niece, a nephew, or a few of each, their ability to be truthful about everything is inspirational.

    Twitter: @unfilteredmama / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @ChefResha

    Got a big spot on your forehead? Food in your teeth? Expect a loud announcement in 3…2…1…

    2. But then again, they’re never coy with their compliments either.

    Young Money Entertainment / Via

    Yes, my outfit IS nice, thanks for noticing. My face too? Stop, you're too kind.

    3. Taking them for a day out is a fantastic excuse to stuff your own face with candy floss, slushies, and other treats.

    4. Plus, their access to kids meals and easily distracted mentality gives you access to the best leftovers.

    Flickr: slushpup / Creative Commons

    What do you mean you don't want your last potato smiley???

    5. The feeling you get when they ask a question that you actually know the answer to is the grown-up equivalent of acing a times table test.

    6. Plus, you know now that making a kid laugh is basically the highest possible achievement.

    TriStar Pictures

    7. You have the chance to play with their best toys and games.

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    Playing purely for the entertainment of the real kid in the room, of course. Not yourself. No way.

    8. You've mastered the perfect response for when they trip over their own feet and fall down.

    9. They’ve taught you to remember just how amazing some things are.

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    10. Watching old videos of them on your phone can truly perk up a boring bus journey.

    11. Even if your phone memory is now full because you can never bring yourself to delete any photos of them.

    Grace Holliday / BuzzFeed

    Because they provide excellent Instagram fodder.

    12. You’ve bonded with people you didn’t know too well before over your mutual love of your niece or nephew.

    Squealing over new photos of them on your phone has become a weekly tradition.

    13. You’ve started a collection of their drawings*, which you can stick on the fridge and feel like a real grown-up.

    *ineligible scribbles/phallic objects.

    14. Getting paid to sit on a sofa eating someone else's food and watching Disney movies is way more fun when it's for your niece or nephew.

    15. Their way of living can inspire you and you now think it's an abomination that adults don't have several daytime naps.

    Walt Disney Studios

    Why should kids get all the puréed mango and after-lunch naps anyway?

    16. When the guilt of spending more money on yourself hits, you can just switch to buying things for them instead.


    Who could ever get mad at you for buying a baby a fluffy giraffe more expensive than a weeks’ food shopping?

    17. "Someone needs to play with them!" is a great excuse to stop whatever boring thing you happen to be doing.

    Warner Bros. Television

    Dishwasher… homework… hanging out with that kinda dull old friend who wants to order a 3rd round…

    18. You can get teach them important life lessons.

    19. Even though you may be exhausted after a day with them, they're amazing at reminding you of the important things in life.

    Dreamworks / Via

    In fact, you could do with a bit more of their straightforward view on life.

    20. You get to enjoy the sweetest type of silence there is, which comes later that evening when you’re alone in your child-free home.


    The silence is extra-sweet if they've been a massive chatterbox the whole day.

    21. But at the end of the day, you always know, that when it all gets a bit too much… you can hand them back to their parents.

    Warner Bros. Television

    And get on to the important task of uploading the best pics from the day.

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