16 Moments In "Hometown Cha Cha Cha" I Loved

    In need of a healing and comedic drama? Hometown Cha Cha Cha is for you.

    Hometown Cha Cha Cha stars Shin Min Ah as Yoon Hye Jin and Kim Seon Ho as Hong Du Shik and is set in the friendly neighborhood Gongjin. Although the two main characters are Hye Jin and Du Shik, the drama tells the stories of all the residents of Gongjin and how they've fostered such a tight-knit community.

    Woman and man looking at each other.

    Now that the drama's run has officially ended, here are 16 of my favorite moments:


    1. Yi Jun's reaction to his parents getting back together.

    Child crying tears of joy while his parents console him.

    2. Mi Seon using her expensive mist to help Eun Chul.

    Woman helping man get poster off of street lamp.

    3. Hye Jin offering to tie Yun Kyung's shoes.

    Woman smiling.

    4. Seong Hyun continuing to go to Gam Ri's house with gifts without any bad intentions.

    Man giving elderly women snacks.

    5. Du Shik catching Seong Hyun just before he was about to fall in the ocean.

    Man catching other man just before he falls in.

    6. Ju Ri's first encounter with Jun.

    Celebrity with a cap.

    7. Yi Jun and Bo Ra's childhood friendship staying constant throughout the whole drama.

    Two childhood friends actively talking to woman.

    8. Cheon Jae's reaction to hearing that Hye Jin enjoyed one of his songs.

    Man smiling brightly.

    9. Du Shik showing up to Hye Jin's house after she didn't show up to the neighborhood cleanup.

    10. When the neighborhood gathered to discuss the three Gongjin mysteries.

    Community members talking together.

    11. Du Shik and Seong Hyun's petty restaurant scene.

    Two men and one woman eating at a restaurant.

    12. Hwa Jung's outburst to Yeong Guk and seeing the backstory of the reason for their divorce.

    Woman with tears in her eyes.

    13. Du Shik finding Hye Jin's shoe and Hye Jin's excited reaction.

    Pair of jewel studded shoes on shelf.

    14. Hye Jin helping Nam Sook despite their clashes.

    Woman helping another woman from getting scammed.

    15. Hye Jin giving Gam Ri implants and telling Gam Ri to not worry about the costs.

    Old woman smiling.

    16. Hye Jin imitating Du Shik's "Mary and Tom" saying.

    Couple talking.

    17. What were your favorite moments? Let us know in the comments below!