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My Partner And I Bought A Costco Membership Earlier This Year; Here Are The Things We've Kept Stocked Ever Since

I'll admit it: I get the Costco hype now...

Hi! I'm Grace. I'm a Pittsburgh-based recipe developer — and I live (and grocery shop) with my fiancé. We used to think Costco memberships were exclusively for large families. What would the two of us do with a carton of five dozen eggs? But after visiting the store with a friend earlier this year, I realized Costco sells a lot of our go-to groceries — and not always in ridiculous amounts, either.

Costco storefront

Needless to say, I caved on buying a membership — and I haven't looked back since. My cart is always a mix of my usual go-tos and brand-new favorites, like Costco's cult-favorite sheet cake and Kirkland's Sauvignon Blanc. In no particular order, here are the items I've been loving the most so far:

1. Kirkland Signature Artisan Rolls

bread rolls in a plastic bag

2. Utz Honey Wheat Pretzel Twists

pretzel twists in a large plastic container

3. Kasia's Potato & Cheese Pierogi

multiple packs of refrigerated pierogies

4. Rana Organic Butternut Squash & Caramelized Onion Ravioli

two packages of Rana butternut squash ravioli

5. Grillo's Pickles Italian Dill Spears

an oversized jar of pickles

6. Hannah Organic Falafel

a package of ready-to-eat falafel patties

7. Fountain of Health Organic Extra Firm Tofu

multiple boxes of extra-firm tofu

8. Kirkland Signature Organic Ginger Lemonade Kombucha

stacked boxes of kombucha

9. Cara Cara Oranges

bag of cara cara oranges

10. Bark Thins Dark Chocolate Almond

bag of barkthins chocolate

11. Rao’s Marinara Sauce

multiple jars of marinara sauce

12. Wild Planet Albacore Wild Tuna

A packaged stack of tuna cans

13. PBfit Organic Peanut Butter Powder

jar of peanut butter powder in cardboard bin

14. Better Than Bouillon Organic Seasoned Vegetable Base

hand holding a jar of seasoned vegetable base

15. Kirkland Signature 100% Colombian Supremo Whole Bean Coffee

bags of whole bean coffee

16. Dave’s Killer Bread Organic 21 Whole Grains and Seeds

plastic bags of whole grain bread

17. Zespri Sungold Kiwifruit

a plastic container of kiwifruit

18. Kirkland Signature Raw Tail-On Shrimp

bog of frozen shrimp

19. Kirkland Signature Culinary Parchment Paper

stacked boxes of parchment paper

20. Milton's Roasted Vegetable Cauliflower Crust Pizza

boxes of cauliflower crust pizza

21. Frank's Red Hot Sauce

two bottles of hot sauce

22. Island Way Sorbets

boxes of frozen sorbet

What are your favorite things to buy at Costco? Tell me in the comments!