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Crafters On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown

It's officially craft show season. And that means there are a lot of crafters out there who are THIS close to losing it. We salute you.

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We've all been there.

People don't understand how tough it is to be a crafter sometimes.

Sometimes crafters are just having a really hard time.

Like the crafters who really don't like interacting with the public.

The crafters who would rather be doing anything other than be in a crowd right now.

Crafters who have not done any non-crafting-related physical activity in a month.

The crafters who are dealing with rejection from craft shows they really wanted to do.

The crafters who got into their long-shot big shows and totally don't have enough merch.

... and then have to spend the next month in hermitage to build up their stock.

The crafters who are caffeinating.

The crafters who need to be fed.

The crafters who've overbooked themselves with shows every weekend until Christmas.

The crafters who don't even know how to feed themselves anymore.

The crafters who are so tired they have lost all sense of self.

The crafters who are too stupid tired to even know what's going on.

The crafters who forget to bring their Square to the show.

The crafters who forgot to book a hotel for after the show.

The crafters who have powered through but are one mishap away from losing it.

The crafters who just need a good cry.

The crafters who aren't ashamed to let it all out.

The crafters who take out their stress on their families and friends.

The crafters who have reached their breaking points.

But it's all good.

Because you are getting money, honey.

Because now that the show is over, it's party time.

And you totally killed it!

Hey, why don't you go shopping? :)

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